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@cabotco - I think this should be SH’s new tagline :smile:


Thanks for creating a great site - I’ve only been here a few weeks but am enjoying it a great deal.

I live in London, and work as a journalist after several years in political campaigns and communications. SquadHelp is a lunch hour creative outlet and brain exercise for me, with the added bonus of sometimes getting paid for it!


Hi, Dan. I feel bad I’ve just now gotten to read your post. Seen you around, nice of you to post this. Seems like I started SH 4 or more years.then stopped 2 yrs due to illness. Before joining SH, I joined a few others, 2 didn’t last. Another gave points for winning, but you had to save up 1000 pts. to get $100. Of course, NForce, who I won’t work for ever. I’m one of your older namers , 60 yr. Have 2 granddaughters which one was diagnosed with a life threatening blood disease , she’s only 4 months. Remember her in your prayers. I have 2 spoiled dogs, a Lab and a Chihuahua. And SH keeps my mind young. I love it and the staff is so awesome Thanks!!


Oh Blue, thinking of your granddaughter. This must be so hard. <3


Hi Dan, This is Alpha1. I joined in December 2011 when the payouts were as you stated 25 to 50.00 . I was fortunate enough to hit two back to back and I was hooked. Made for a nicer Christmas for certain. I retired from Amgen, a large Biotech Firm in Thousand Oaks, CA. My husband was a LAFD Firefighter. We have 16 grandchildren. I was always the go to “Creative” at the BigPharma Powerpoint, and such. I have always wanted to try my hand at logos but too scared of infringing on copyright issues.

I never acquired the status that Moretal, Lightless and good bud Jackie have and I joined about the same time.

One tragedy after another struck our family in 2012, so was only on long enough to not become extinct until this year. I recall NayNay and lost to her due to an plural entry, EZ Capsule VS EZCapsules.

I do wonder what happen to Naynay. And Remember Mrs. Noah with the Ark Icon. Some of the members are on my Friends FB page and I still keep in contact with them … emad, etc.

I recall naming force had so much to say about that. I could never seem to win on that site , and do not go on much because of the constant tutorials and voting etc. it takes up way too much time and Time is money. You have evolved into making SH so easy to enter names expeditiously. Sometimes it just take follow through and crossing the finish line. The last time I looked at NF, there were only about 5 or 6 contests listed. I do wish them wll, but you are really kicking … in comparison.

I am almost 70 and I perhaps am not in on the trendy, nex gen names or funky ones, I think so trying to get better in that regard.

Here is some trivia. When at Amgen, I did in fact create “DropBox” where the scientists all over the world were able to put their seminar presentations onto a server to be shared in lieu of sending them to me via email. However, signed an agreement and could not pursuit it when working for the company … Now look at Dropbox.

My two pups on my Icon are Gizmo, and Gracie. Gizmo purchased right after the Gremlin movie and named after the good Gremlin. Gracie is a rescue. She was dumped and left in a baseball dugout and the grandkids found here and … we groomed her, and they looked so much alike I could not believe it. I am on the Road in an RV and sometimes it is difficult to get internet depending on location. I recall one time and drove to a nearby town from a Navy base to input a name because the CH asked for more with the word sync. I did end up winning, 200.00 so it was worth the drive … SyncFox was the winning name and it was for a part that searches out troubled areas in the heart … this is the ultimate award, to know that I NAMED something as important as that, as leaving my “Mark” here.

Two wishes:
I would love to see a naming convention in Vegas or Laughlin so we could all meet.
An area to post real pics in case any would like to participate , so here is mine,
Younger version of course.

Well it glitched, says new users cannot upload …:slight_smile: I am an old user and old. tee hee.


Thank you, Dan. I find SH to be tremendously supportive. You’ve got a wonderful crew! For many of us, out in the hinterlands of this wonderful, wacky world, having the companionship of this forum, is liberating and consoling. I’ve tried my hardest for a year to make contributions. I’ve scant few wins to show for it, but I know that I’m in a community of crazy people who love this sort of thing, and I’m sure we’ve cut into the revenues of ad agencies who used to sell our wares for many many thousands of dollars beyond our meager earning, I’m just so happy that I found SquadHelp. Thank you, Dan, and your staff. I hope that my efforts help everyone else here. I talk you up to CH’s whenever appropriate.


As for suggestions, perhaps a more formal “newsletter” to contestants on a bi-weekly? basis could reduce the need for closer management participation, though it’s appreciated. We know what we’re here for, and perhaps a more condensed, refined, response mechanism would do the job.


Hi, Alpha: You had so many interesting recollections! That’s a cool story about how your name won, too!
I barely overlapped here with Mrs. Noah, but I just loved her names and her wit. I wonder if she’s still naming somewhere. Her work really inspired me.


Nice to know your story Alpha, and your anecdotes are quite interesting.

P.S While I too sometimes wonder about top creatives who no longer participate here (There are quite a few of them like NayNay, LexisDomains, Rose and so on), I am pretty relieved that we don’t have to compete with them anymore.


Commulinks and everyone who asked about my 4 mt old granddaughter with the blood disease.Got tests back today, She does have the disorder, but it’s a milder form . Thanks for the prayers. I’ll post the name of it later, so u can Google. I can’t spell it.


Would be totally awesome to have a convention with SH. How about Oklahoma City, It’s really a fun place now. A lot of you I’ve known for years.


I’m so glad to hear it is the milder form, Blue. I hope the parents find a support group right away if possible because I know how important that has been for me. Oftentimes, support groups are where you get the most current info but also it just helps to connect with other parents.


Wow! its been a year already, Today May 3rd makes it exactly a years since have been on this plartform, Thanks to you @Dan ,you made my creativity a source of income for me and my family …and also gave me the opportunity to be among the best Creative Titans in the world…am truly honored to be one of the Squadron…Am an African, A Nigerian to be precise…am still in my early 20s with a B.A in English And Literary Studies…i fell inlove with Squadhelp around July when i got my first award and a great morale boosting message from @ricojsuave …since then my top 3 hobbies has been 1,Squadhelp 2,playing Games 3,Listening to music…lol Squadhelp has been on the top of my hobbies leaderboard till date… And most importantly …this platform has been like a family …starting from the SH Team to my CoCreatives …it has been a smooth ride for me …and i hope to still be here with yall for as long as possible …once again Thanks to @Dan for the privilege… #LOVE IT


Thanks for the shoutout. I always feel good seeing your success on here. I wish I had half your creativity. You definitely make us all step up our game. Wish I could contribute more names here but I have a newborn and work is keeping me crazy busy. Take it easy


Happy anniversary @WHAYASAY! I’m super glad you are here. I love that we have creatives from all over the world!


Hi All, Thanks for the wonderful comments. Even though I an retired, I am super super busy and just got back to read it. I realized I misspelled a word, ouch. Ok for contests sometimes but not in this and I can’t edit it I guess:)

Lightless: That’s funny. About them not being competition any longer. Yes you are right, then there is always Moretal and maybe Perfectly Cromulent is Ms. Noah in disguise. :slight_smile: Please let us know are you a male or female or is that a top secret.

Blue: So sorry bout your little granddaughter. Prayers are going up for her.

It would be great to see real pics of all. :slight_smile:

It would be great if we did have an anniversary shout out . I have been on here for six years. Part time. Wow. December 11, 2011.


Great to hear your story Darpan, realizing the need and going ahead and building it !! Awesome.

I joined Squadhelp last week on the forum, its been fun so far.
I am a techie turned creative for now, based out in Kolkata, India, quit my job in April to study MachineLearning and pivot my career path, also for applying the skills for a startup idea. Since cash inflow stopped have started trying to freelance as a creative on the sides. Began learning Adobe Illustrator earlier this month and probably getting good at it by the day, found Squadhelp in that journey. Naming Contests have been quite fun so far, will soon be taking part in Logo contests as well hopefully.

So more exciting times to come indeed.


Thanks so much for sharing your story, it’s a great one!! Hello Creatives, my name is Nicole (Nikki) and I live in southern New Jersey right outside of Philly. I have been with SH since 2011, however, I got married and had two children, Gemma is 3 and Derek is 1 so I wasn’t active again until recently. I absolutely love this platform and I am so glad to be a part of it. I hope everyone is doing well!!


@Dan @Darpan
I already posted my response to your original message but I wanted to tell you that SH came into my life during some very (very) dark days and it has helped me on a whole other level than I can even explain (especially in a public post). But I did want you to know that because I know sometimes people don’t understand why creatives come here and spend time doing this based on a “potential” win. Every person here has a story about why and what SH is doing for them. I doubt that you knew when you created this that it would have deeper meaning to the creatives who come here…but it does. It SO does. I also failed to mention originally that I live in the gorgeous Colorado mountains after living in several other places.

Grateful, that’s what I am.


@Darpan @Dan I just saw your post. Thanks for the mention. It’s really nice to get a glimpse of the person who started this wonderful site. I owe you and Squadhelp a lot- for the brain stimulation, for the delight in coming up with names, for the contests I’ve won and for the great foundation it gave me for becoming a domainer and understanding what companies want. I now make domain sales in $XXX-$X,XXX on a regular basis and last month I made my first $XX,XXX sale. SH has a lot to do with that. So thanks! You guys are really the best at what you do and your support and attention to creatives is unparalleled. There’s really no contest (pun intended). Keep up the great work and warm regards to the wonderful SH staff. You all rock!