Getting to know each other


Great story, very inspiring and informative. Thanks for creating this platform and thanks for having me. Cheers!


Feels Nice to read about the founder@SH, I never expected a founder to get the ball rolling in the getting to know each other forum, absolutely humbling, and appreciate the level headedness. Wish SH all success.


Hi Dan, thanks for sharing your life story, it really is very interesting. My name is Leandro, and I live in Brazil, city of Joinville, and I met your company through YouTube. I have a degree in multimedia production, but until then I was working as an Uber driver. This company gave me hope to be able to do what comes from my soul, which is graphic design. I thank you for your humility and charisma. :slight_smile:


Hi there! Hello to everyone! I am Mihaela and I am new here! Thank you for your story,Dan! I am happy to be here!