Getting to know each other


Bonjour Magko :wave: le club des francophones :wink:


ouiii!!!je ne sais pas si on est nombreux dans le club!


So glad to be in the team. I am a retired person , perhaps I can make some money while fullfilling the needs od startups.

Great to know you


Welcome and good luck!


Great story, very inspiring and informative. Thanks for creating this platform and thanks for having me. Cheers!


Feels Nice to read about the founder@SH, I never expected a founder to get the ball rolling in the getting to know each other forum, absolutely humbling, and appreciate the level headedness. Wish SH all success.


Hi Dan, thanks for sharing your life story, it really is very interesting. My name is Leandro, and I live in Brazil, city of Joinville, and I met your company through YouTube. I have a degree in multimedia production, but until then I was working as an Uber driver. This company gave me hope to be able to do what comes from my soul, which is graphic design. I thank you for your humility and charisma. :slight_smile:


Hi there! Hello to everyone! I am Mihaela and I am new here! Thank you for your story,Dan! I am happy to be here!


Hello everyone…
I am Isaac from Ghana. I happened to be surfing the internet looking for online jobs and I found Squadhelp. I read and love what they do and offer their members.
I am a health graduate from the University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS), here in Ghana. After school, life hasn’t been fair to me as a man. I tutor students in Integrated Science in one private basic school at the moment. Hoping to further my education soon through monies I will make from Squadhelp.
All I need from you guys is your love and assistance. With this, you will make life easy for someone’s whole family.
If you happen to be in Ghana, I can help you tour the country. It is a beautiful place to be and very peaceful. You can drop a message for me on Whatsapp on ***** or an email at ***

Thank you. Happy to be here finally. Let’s go name brands!


good history, im new in this plataform and i hope to become a good thinkerman jaja, hi from tijuana mexico


Dear people,

let me just say ‘Thank You’ to each one of you, active participants in both Contests zone and Forum zone, for being friendly directly or indirectly to the newbies like me, for sharing generously all the informations, suggestions and even compassion. Also, for making me laugh out loud many, many times! A big hug for those in the habit of liking winning names! :hugs::kissing_heart: Thank you.
(I have been here for exactly 1 year (to the day)). Cheers! :clinking_glasses:


Hi, Mr. Dan. I glad to know you and I proud to become part of this community.
Hello everyone …
Your story is beautiful, Mr. Dan, and I hope to achieve success in my life like you
I am Yemeni citizen live in Saudi Arabia, I have three children who I love them and strive to make them happy.:blush:


Hi Darpanm
thank you so much for your greeting. I feel at home already. As a creative person, business coach and research consultant, I’m looking forward to working with squadhelp to serving our business owners out there. Thank you for your invention and for the global impact that it’s having on businesses everywhere. Blessings and continue to take the platform to greater dimensions.


Hi everyone,my name is Henri Mullishi from Albania, it’s my first time being here and i really enjoyed reading some of your comments. We all generate 3 main values that are Creativity, Love for Writing & Words and Cooperating. Here each from us has the opportunity to share his/her creativity with us and the most important thing is that we can motivate each other by our succes. Looking forward to have a great time here with amazing people like you. Thank you for this huge space to share our best.


My name is Tonya and I can not wait to get started. I hope I am half as good as all your other members. Im from Kansas City and right now I have alot of time on my hands , being stuck at home because of the virus.


Greetings & Salutations!

I’m new here as of yesterday. I found it watching a video by kevin who recommended the site. I go by DragonBlue as she is my inspiration in poetry and the written word. DragonBlue is the name I post my writing by as well.

This is all new to me, as I have never seen a naming platform. So far entered 2 contests, so we will see how far it goes.

I live in Salt Lake City, Utah with some of the largest mountains in the world, the wasatch front and yesterday we had a 5.7 earthquake that was very strange indeed. I live with my 2 beautiful red headed daughters Aricia and Aspasia, and our 2 cats itty bitty and bandito. I’m 54, soon to be 55 and still can’t believe I lived this long.

I look forward to entering many more contests and reading all of your messages about your lives.


Hi there, I am glad to join this amazing community!


Hi Fellow Creatives! I just joined and I am so happy to get started here. I am excited to improve my skills, connect with skilled professionals and help entrepreneurs through this platform. Please reach out if I can be of help to you!


Hey! I’m Wordsmith Wallace. I’m an English teacher who loves to manipulate language. I plan on eventually guiding my career path into business. Helping customers on Squadhelp provides a great opportunity for my personal and professional growth while helping customers along the way.


WordSmith Wallace


Squadhelp humble beginnings are inspiring! So honored and excited being part of this amazing #squad! :sunglasses:

Greater things ahead!