Getting to know each other


Greetings, Darpan! That was Very inspiring! I’ve always been fascinated with the world of marketing. When I was a child my dad burned through tons of material learning marketing, some of which he paid a lot of money for, and I had the good fortune of being there to hear most of it with him. Strangely, I know a lot about behavioral science and marketing, but I’ve never done anything with it. I didn’t realize that I was sitting on a wealth of knowledge until I got interested in it recently. I have a heavy passion for imagination, and I want more than anything else to be able to use mine for a living while simultaneously improving the quality of life for others with it. My ultimate dream is commercial real estate and “playing Legos” with technology to create something amazing and new! There’s a change in the wind. Can you feel it? The world is entering a new Renaissance period where the passions of the imagination will outweigh simply building things out of necessity. Homes are becoming more creative, so are vehicles, commercial buildings, the devices we use, and soon… even starships! Technologically speaking, the age of easy and convenient, even privately owned personal ships is right around the corner. I want to help create a future so beautiful to behold it will stir some very pleasant emotions and arouse one’s own creative passion! Just think what we could accomplish if we all lead by example and help get people working together, instead of competing with others in their industries. Could you imagine what would happen if “competitors” were generous toward each other, making contributions to each other like idea sharing for no charge, or even sending each other Christmas bonuses, and wishing the greatest success for each other? If everyone helped out the others in their fields everyone’s quality of product greatly improves, thus increasing everyone’s profits, not reducing them. Spread love, be generous just because it makes you feel good, treat your competitor with the same respect and kindness that you enjoy and you’ll go far! You win, your competitor wins, and the customer wins the best quality product humanly possible and a richer life to enjoy. Humanity progresses in spirit, mind and technology, and moves forward. Everybody wins! That’s what I’m working toward every day. I’m going to end here to be courteous to your RAM. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, Darpan, and do tell your Maltese hello from me and my Blue Nose! If I were a Motaur, he’d be my sidecar. Be well, my friend!


Hi, my name is Elvis Preye Kerebi, I’m a junior software engineer, based in Nigeria, I’m a critical, creative and logical thinker, good to be here


Thanks Dan,looking forward to a fruitful future together. Stronger each day,each hour,each minute,each second.


I am glad to have found this through YouTube searches. I m a middle aged mother and primary income provider for my family and recently it has become apparent the my job may not remain secure so I have been looking for a way to supplement my income from home. I hope to get to know this community and have an active role


thanks for creating such a vast community of intellectuals,the world celebrates you and i as
well…here is cheers from paschal chikezie


Hello! My name is Alicia and I am very excited to be part of squadhelp and this talented team of creatives … I am passionate about the creative world and challenges, I hope to help many brands and entrepreneurs to find their identity, I am at your disposal.


Hello everyone!
My name is Alcy, and I just started Squadhelp! Thanks Dan for creating such an amazing community that us creatives can share our creative mind!


Thanks for the opportunity to have shared in your dream. it’s such a bit thing. Do give my regards to sweet Cody:grinning:


Thanks Squad. My name is Francis. I joined the squad a couple of months back, I must really confess that spending time on this platform has opened me up to a brand new world of brandable opportunities. I hope I help make the most of the #squad. Thanks again


Hi Everyone! I just joined this amazing community, I´m super excited! Thank you @Dan for making this possible and allowing us to be part of it. Can wait to activate my brain and start winning contests :slight_smile:


hi! we are neighbors, then! I am French. :slight_smile:


Bonjour Magko :wave: le club des francophones :wink:


ouiii!!!je ne sais pas si on est nombreux dans le club!


So glad to be in the team. I am a retired person , perhaps I can make some money while fullfilling the needs od startups.

Great to know you


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Welcome and good luck!


Great story, very inspiring and informative. Thanks for creating this platform and thanks for having me. Cheers!


Feels Nice to read about the founder@SH, I never expected a founder to get the ball rolling in the getting to know each other forum, absolutely humbling, and appreciate the level headedness. Wish SH all success.


Hi Dan, thanks for sharing your life story, it really is very interesting. My name is Leandro, and I live in Brazil, city of Joinville, and I met your company through YouTube. I have a degree in multimedia production, but until then I was working as an Uber driver. This company gave me hope to be able to do what comes from my soul, which is graphic design. I thank you for your humility and charisma. :slight_smile:


Hi there! Hello to everyone! I am Mihaela and I am new here! Thank you for your story,Dan! I am happy to be here!