Getting CH to answer questions about their brief


@grant I think it might be helpful to improve the site in a way that prompts CH more directly to answer Creatives questions, let’s say with a very obvious pop-up every time they logon that doesn’t disappear until they’ve read it. Something like “YOU HAVE QUESTIONS” Please forgive me if this already exists…I have not experienced SH as a CH, so I don’t know what the experience is like, but from what I can tell, many CHs don’t even realise that creatives have asked wonderful clarifying questions about their brief and if they were answered, this would lead to many more quality entries.

Quite often I will go into a contest, read the brief and then go into the messages section to see if the brief has evolved in any way by means of CH’s feedback to all creatives. Often the creatives ask the exact questions that I would like to know myself. I can see that the CH has been online days after the question/s were posted and yet they are not answered. Where the brief itself is not very detailed or often even contradictory in terms of what they are after, I’m relying on the CH answering the Creative’s questions before I will participate. Unless I believe I have an understanding of what the CH wants, I don’t waste my time or my ratings on guessing because I don’t think that’s a good experience for the CH either.

I understand that CHs are probably emailed like the rest of us and are also given articles to read. However people’s email inboxes fill up pretty quickly these days and I often still find SH emails in my ‘Junk’ folder, which is where I suspect many CHs emails are ending up. Also, CHs are busy and probably don’t read those articles a lot of the time. On a few occasions, CHs have said “Oh I have only just discovered this message, Sorry”. Overall better communication would lead to a better engagement for both sides. Thank you SH!