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Since the contest holder hasn’t selected a winner for 4 weeks, we will be selecting a winner for this contest. Please mark any entries as “Best Entries” so we can consider them. We will be selecting a winner after 2 days.

I see that Whey To Go was awarded. The only problem is Whey protein is completely different to Soy Protein. Whey has no relevance to a Soy based protein.


Unless I misinterpreted the brief. It was kinda unclear if it was a soy protein. I took it as it was a soy protein bar

Also Whey To Go is already the name of a Company.


Detailed BriefA clean, great tasting protein bar that does not include Artificial flavors, colors, Artificial sweeteners, Soy Protein, Gluten Free & Certified non-GMO.

@Skevans, I think you read the brief wrong. You are correct about it being the name of a company, though. The company is Whey To Go Protein Powder, so it’s unlikely the ch would have chosen a name that was already taken in that given space.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. When we pick winners in abandoned contests, we evaluate them on the merit of the name itself, and not based on external trademarks or domain availability because it is not something that will actually be used by the business. If the system allowed a name to be submitted during the contest, and if it was marked as a best entry, we consider it for winner selection.

We evaluate the entries on many factors, including the fit with the brief. We recognize that in a subjective decision like this, there can be different point of views, which is why our goal is to minimize the unawarded/ abandoned contests and have the CH pick the winners. Having said that, we have noted your feedback, and will going forward also use the new trademark feature before picking the winner (in cases where a CH requested Trademark search for their contest).


Well that sentence is up for interpretation. As an avid protein supplement taker, it’s either soy protein or not. It doesn’t make sense to say it doesn’t include it. And if that’s a list of things that it doesn’t include why would they say it doesn’t include gluten free.that makes no sense.

I believe they are saying it doesn’t include Artifical Sweetners, colors, and Flavors.

It’s a soy protein That’s gluten free, certified non-GMO.

Anyway I guess the choice has been made.

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bit misleading if there is no whey - Jose


@Skevans, Off the record, or for the record: Correct, it is a soy free, glutin-free and certified non-gmo free.

Whey protein doesn’t include soy. Those who are allergic to dairy cannot take soy protein, for example.

just my thoughts on the matter.