Get your best entries in Need a name for an online coworking community site and app - CLOSED

Since the contest holder hasn’t selected a winner for 4 weeks, we will be selecting a winner for this contest. Please mark any entries as “Best Entries” so we can consider them as best entries. We will be selecting a winner after 2 days.

One of my entries on this one has been taken since this contest

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One of my entries on this contest has been taken too.

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I had 2 entries taken in this contest.

Should we be marking our taken entries as ‘best entries’??

One of mine was registered on Oct 2, 2015 by DomainNameNexus

@Annie I don’t think it matters to SH when it comes to choosing a winner if a name is registered or not.

Well, I guess I shouldn’t bother wasting points, there are already rated entries on this contest and none of mine were ever rated…taken, but not rated :frowning:

I feel it should matter if a reasonable link can be made between the contest holder and the domain name registrations. Then the contest prize should be awarded/split to those creatives whose names were taken.

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@lightless I agree. For now Dan said SH do not consider registered entries as some contestants might just register their own entries for a chance to win.

Read it here:

Certainly, that is reasonable in most cases. However for cases where it can be reasonably proven that the contest holder/someone linked registered the domain, an exception should be made.

It may also be a case of the contest holder not caring/forgetting to declare a winner because he got/registered his name.


Some domain ‘collectors’ and in general marketers are a clever, IT savvy and resourceful bunch, which makes it quite a bit harder to reasonably prove. Hmm… maybe we should make a list of the different types of domain scammers we might be up against?

Just because a name was taken during or shortly after a contest is not prove a particular CH had done it. When CH and domain registrant names don’t match is not prove they don’t know each other.

I think if we shared here some Whois information without revealing our entries. Info like date of purchase and registrant names, when dates or names match it might help identify ‘some’ of the cases. If the same registrant had purchased 3 names suggested by 3 different contestants, I feel that narrows it down quite a bit.

I’m not saying SH should take action based on what we find, though.

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I know it wouldn’t be much, but why not split the pot to those of you who are reporting that your names were registered? Plus the points for winning a contest?

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CherryPop. I totally agree. Although I was the top trender in this contest I did not win. Truth is your name was better than mine! However, my starred entry was purchased on October 25th by a Johnny Gray. It may be coincidental and he seems to be a domain buyer/marketer but heck, I think SH should look for bought names regardless and try to split things up in these cases.