Get your best entries in Need a name for an Agribusiness start-up CLOSED

Since the contest holder hasn’t selected a winner for 4 weeks, we will be selecting a winner for this contest. Please mark any entries as “Best Entries” so we can consider them as best entries. We will be selecting a winner after 2 days.

2 names taken from here. One is hidden and just sent info on 2nd.

depends what you mean by taken - I have one thats been bought since I entered it - by DanielDavis , no idea if its anything to do with the contest though

Hey Jose, Two more bought here and not happy this time as one was a favorite. Of course it was hidden by proxy and the other bought by Keith deboer who sells domains. The amount of domains being bought lately makes it far more than just coincidence.

One of mine, which got a 4 star rating, was purchased by someone today. Veddi Strange…