Get your best entries in for Tagline/Slogan for Tech Hardware Company - CLOSED

Since the contest holder hasn’t selected a winner for 4 weeks, we will be selecting a winner for this contest. Please mark any entries as “Best Entries” so we can consider them as best entries. We will be selecting a winner after 2 days.

@Janice, Thanks for the notification. :slight_smile:
As per our conversation on the last “Best Entry” notification- The last version of this brief called for “5 words” only, so those are the types of entries I highlighted. Just wanted to be sure I am “getting the rules of the contest” straight. (btw- this does raise the ‘unawarded’ contests to another level of fun!)

May the best best entry win ! I vote for this guy

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You mean 5 words maximum, right? 4 or fewer would also be ok.

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Oh, Yeah-- Lol :smile: :blush:

You all just shoulda liked my post and walked away! Wish I had better smack talk to give ,Wish the prize was bigger too then I could split my win with you guys )
P.s. May the most suitable tag win Good luck all!