Get your best entries in Brand name for autoparts brand - CLOSED

Since the contest holder hasn’t selected a winner for 4 weeks, we will be selecting a winner for this contest. Please mark any entries as “Best Entries” so we can consider them as best entries. We will be selecting a winner after 2 days.

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Ty Janice, I liked a couple of my names, I don’t mind the points. Good luck all !

I must be missing something? There appears to be a clear winner selected by the CH - one 4 star entry? Not mine by the way. I have one 3 star as well as many unrated, but I don’t see why you’re not awarding the 4 star entry?

@Jose and @CherryPopNames, if a contest has only one 5 star rated entry, we will automatically pick that as a winner. In other cases, we allow contestants to submit best entries (because the CH might have abandoned the contest before looking at all entries). This way, if the contestants feel that their submission should be considered , they have an opportunity to highlight it. Having said that, we will put slightly higher weight on the top rated entries in deciding a winner - so you should only highlight a best entry in this example if you strongly feel you had a really good name that deserves to be considered.


Thanks Dan, had no idea how that worked. It was a strange contest as his “liking/disliking” of names seemed more subjective/random than usual and hard to get any sort of fix on. I think there was quite a language barrier? Good luck making sense of entries.