Get ahead of other marketplaces!

As far as I know, none of the popular and large domain marketplaces pay with cryptocurrency to domain sellers.
Despite some difficulties in understanding the nature of cryptocurrencies, the world is getting used to payments in this form.
SquadHelp is an advanced and even innovative resource in its specialized niches.
Why wouldn’t SquadHelp be a pioneering domain marketplace in the cryptocurrency aspect?
As for SH domainers, opening a free crypto wallet and learning how to use it is not too difficult.


I’m still wondering whats holding them back from using crypto as one of the payments method.

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If anyone is intimidated by bitcoin volatility, there is a good alternative - stablecoins.

Dan, Epik and Daaz are already paying out in Bitcoin since a while.
It’s not even about innovating at this point, but about not being left behind.
(Maybe you meant no brandables marketplace)