Generating Marketplace Interest


I would like to ask if anyone has any advice about promoting marketplace names (other than system features like the market boost). Any tips? My portfolio is tanking stats-wise these days.


I believe that all these statistics increase for points must be canceled, it didn’t work properly. I scrolled a huge number of pages down on the main page of the domain market before discovering my premium domains. At the same time, the same other domains have been encountered several times. It is necessary to programmatically prohibit the repeated same domains when scrolling.


You can promote your marketplace names via Social Media Platforms. (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram).


My top 7 tips (not just for you @Daisy22 )

1). Post your names on Twitter. Twitter itself isn’t that great but the advantage is that the posts (domain names) can show up in Google, this is where you really want to get noticed. For your interest, here is my Twitter account:

2). Join LinkedIn and work at it. Connect with every entrepreneur / venture capital / etc you can find. If you own and there is an existing company on (or whatever), reach out to them on LinkedIn. These companies regularly post that they are looking for a name for their new venture. For your interest, here is my LinkedIn account:

3). Don’t go anywhere or do anything to encourage other sellers to join SH, you are only increasing the competition for yourself. If you have 10 names in the marketplace and you encourage 10 sellers to add 10 names each, it’s obvious what will happen to your sales rate. Yes, I know it’s selfish, shoot me.

4). Google your domain, is there another company out there with that name on a different or longer extension? Email them and let them know your name is for sale on SH.

5). Contacts, contacts, contacts. Get to know marketing companies, venture capitalists, anyone that is likely to regularly buy a domain. Best way to do this is to find their websites / blogs and comment on their stuff, make genuine friends with these people, don’t email them with “I’ve got lots of domains for sale”, follow their social accounts and wait for the “I’m looking for xxx type of domain” etc.

6). Promote SH to domain buyers at every available opportunity. It doesn’t matter if they don’t buy one of your names, if we all did this, it would help everyone.

7). NEVER bad mouth SH anywhere on the internet. Potential buyers that have never heard of SH and go and do their due diligence will find this stuff.

Good luck.


Thank you @AbleBrands for the detailed answer. I’m sure everyone here appreciates your insight!


Thank you for sharing @AbleBrands - helpful and interesting read!


I have been thinking a lot about this post and aside from @AbleBrands great recommendations, I want to say that I think Squadhelp needs to solve this problem. It’s more than a saturation problem. I have had names drop off the face of the earth because of scrolling issues and no customer is going to scroll scroll scroll like I do just trying to find my names. Boosting works a bit… but it depends on the name. I had one name this month that I boosted that used to be really popular. I boosted and it go NO shortlists at all this month. I have no idea why because it had a successful history. Very few of my names go through an entire month with zero shortlists and it changes all the time. I keep track every single month. I have a huge spreadsheet of stats so I know if I should drop names or not. I check shortlists every single day. Also, @ALDaisy1, the stats you see in your dashboard may not be correct. Do the math and you will see what I mean. (percentage of shortlists to views often is not correct). Then there are all the names that stay at the top of every category in the search even though we are supposed to be limited to only 3 categories… I keep saying this like a broken record.

In short, this is not all about promotion. This is about a customer’s ability to FIND the name. When a good name is FOUND, it gets lots of attention!

PS: I promote the heck out of my names. I have a website and I use Twitter, which I do find to be very useful at increasing visibility.


Daisy, also, your portfolio may not be tanking at all… this is part of the reason why I check shortlists obsessively. I know exactly how many shortlists I average every day. If THAT number drops a lot, then I get worried.


@Commulinks thanks for your response. I don’t worry about the dashboard stats generally, but recently my portfolio popularity score has started dropping below the site average. That’s the main stat that worries me. I know everyone is having a little harder time with discoverability since so many new sellers have joined, but I would like to feel I’m at pace with the pack.


Mine dropped from way above average to below the pack as well. I would like to know where that number comes from. So I would reiterate that as long as your names are receiving the same amount of shortlists on average per month, that you should not worry about it.


So true, imagine there are 20 domainers that bring 150 names each. That means another competition with 3000 names, thats not include our own creative new names.