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Didn’t want to reopen older conversation due to some folks in it are no longer active. @anyone:)%'s going backwards- tbh I haven’t been doing so gr8 on my naming​:disappointed:anyway as of recent I received higher than my norm marks and my oa % dropped 12 pts? Any of you experiencing similar? Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Mary,
Somewhere in another recent string, @squadhelpgrant explained what is happening with this. I can’t remember where it is. But there was a reason. I tried to find that conversation and couldn’t find it.

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Ikr: )…I looked for it too. Maybe my low-end ratio is over riding my high-end ratings? Could be the confusion.

I found the string:

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I’m still a bit confused by it all. I still think my ratings have been better than they used to be, but my ranking dropped again last night and I’m back to only being able to submit 5 entries. Seriously - how could I win 1 contest a few weeks ago, be “in the running” to win 5 or 6 contests in the last couple weeks (and currently), but my overall ranking go down? I don’t even think I’ve been submitting as many entries as I have in the past, when my ranking was higher.

Same here. I’ve had a good number of ‘likes’ and a few ‘loves’ over the last few days, haven’t been entering that many contests, and yet my score just dropped from 96.9% to 80.1% in the last hour. Any insights?

Winning contests has no impact on score, but can get you on the leaderboard which is good if you can get it. Also newer creatives (With a level of luck or skill) tend to have higher score, but as they enter more contests, the score usually goes down till it stabilizes somewhere long-term depending on how they do in overall ratings.

If your score is in the 90’s, it is bound to drop unless you are getting “Love it’s” and “Like it’s” willy-nilly.

Which is exactly why I, and a number of other creatives who have said so on this forum, feel that seniority and performance over time (like years) should matter more than it does, or at least more than beginners’ luck.