Fun things with Winning


I’m sure your mom loved that you dropped the 5 year plan! :smile:


Awesome! I love singing and what a great way to combine your creative interests!


well ty
for this message … ty very much


Mine is my income… so yay for buying food and rent :joy:


Food for the Body and some Charity works for the Soul. Makes it fun and fulfilling.


I mainly buy food for children and pets. I have a lot of those and others.


I am greedy …gourmet (? i don’t know the difference!) so I paid a good meal at the restaurant for Valentine’s Day for my husband and me.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is like a second job for me. So, mainly bills and now collecting prize money for my daughter’s wedding coming up. And weddings as you all know are not cheap. My daughter developed an expensive taste. So, any win is helpful.


I’ve been stashing all my winnings onto my credit card debt - I’ve really whittled it down since last year and am aiming to have it completely paid off this next year (was over $10,000 to start)!


It’s a great chance to be one of this beautiful community. I hope to spend more and more time enjoying your creative ideas and thoughts.
Best for you all


Winning? I haven’t made a penny :disappointed_relieved: