Fun things with Winning


What fun or inspiring things have you done with your Squadhelp winnings lately? (We’d love pictures) :smile:


I don’t want to post pictures,as I think having some anonymity is good here…but I used part of my winnings to pay for my hotel and entry fees into a National Singing Contest (well,actually it’s now gone International) I am doing in a few weeks. In fact…it’s for that purpose I even joined SH…I wanted to go to the Nationals last year and didn’t have a sponsor, so had to raise funds to sponsor myself! So it paid for my expenses last year(when I came in 2nd in the Nation) and hopefully I will do as well this year! So yay SH!


USAGE #1Lol. .this may be the weirdest confession I am going to make public​:stuck_out_tongue:…only because I love this community. For me I’ve never been skillful in styling my hair. So generally I get tired of it and whack it off :yum:… I had a :sunglasses:idea…I thought I would try a wig :confused:…my sister and youngest son says to me “HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND”…long story short- I think they were right :yum::yum:…me becoming a rug head is NOT the best decision :-1:…but we all got a big :smiley::smiley: out of it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

PS::picture would run a good sleep pattern😉


I paid for a vacation to Mexico, boots, a zip-lining excursion for my daughter (who just got engaged today), boots, a fun night out with friends at an escape room, boots, flowers for a friend who needed a pick me up, boots, a haircut and my first highlight, boots, a Richard Petty Race Car Driving Experience for my hubby, boots, a theater/comedy and dinner at Flanagan’s Wake, threw a graduation party for my niece …Oh and most importantly…BOOTS!!!


@jackieheraty bootiful way to use your winnings…gave me tequila smiles :wink:…Congratulations to your daughter as well. .Sounds like you guys had a blast!


Thanks @Marye5…I try lots of things I wouldn’t have spent money on before… don’t feel as guilty, ya know!!
Of course, like most, it goes to car repairs, bills, etc…but who wants to talk about that…


I just purchased a pretty big pile of books I need for research materials for my own upcoming book. I also paid up my subscriptions to a couple of archives and databases for the same reason. My manuscript is due at the end of the year, so I’m grateful to be able to fill in some of the gaps in my research.


Confession:. I haven’t even withdrawn any yet. :dizzy_face: Not sure what I’ll use it for.


Paid the doctor’s bill for my 6 yr old’s broken arm (she fell off the sofa)…oh so glamorous, I know, lol.


Omigosh…I am a boot fanatic also! I probably have like 20 pairs! lol!


I should say also,it has enabled me to help my kids…pay for some “extras” and for the first time in about 10 years, actually have some money in a savings account!


Shhhh… I am like 38 pair right now.


I saved my winnings to help pay for my daughter’s wedding last year. Since then I save for a ‘rainy day’


@jackieheraty you even had my husband laughing at this one. He said you should change your screen name to JackieBoots lol


@LauraE start saving for those future grandbabies :baby_bottle: y_bottle:


@LisaMac, LOL! Thankfully I have some time to save up since darling daughter has informed me it will be years before they have children :smile:


Going back to school! I made the decision a few years back and I decided to go back to college and finish what I started. Paying out of pocket for classes and books gets quite expensive. Working full time and taking classes when I can. Discovering Squadhelp allowed me to be a little more at ease with the stressors of finances with taking on another long term goal. The addiction to Squadhelp keeps my mind sharp too! Love this site!


@LauraE Yes, I told my mother that too when I got married. Six months later my twin sister got married and said the same… Within 2 years my mother had three grandchildren LOL So much for the five year plan we told her about


I used to use the Quirky invention site , I build up to about 300 dollars and never cashed out .It went bust so I would recommend that you cash out at every opportunity.


Remember the New Laptop I mentioned? - Yep, bought a nice, shiny one last month…

I also used some of my (accumulated) winnings to buy graduation gifts for several kids at my Church who are going off to college this year.

Oh, and did someone say shoes & boots???

Let’s just say the UPS guy has a “special” knock that he uses when he drops my packages off :high_heel: