Free logo idea for all

This is a link to a design I did (rough copy), after some very good help from @Vision and @Dan I have decided to offer it a as free for all( this being due to my incapacity of graphic design). Therefore I will waive any and all rights to intellectual property rights that I have. All I ask is that the community rates my design on the forum ((good or bad) and maybe thru good faith a share of the price money if it is a winner. It will be a first come first serve basis and I would like to see the final product if the person is willing to share that with me. I must offer @Vision the first choice so please Vision let me know if you have interest if not I will give my IP to the next suitable party. Only one person can have IPR for this so I would enjoy hearing views on your capabilities,
This is the link via Dropbox:

Btw if it’s no good please tell me so.
The contest is for SnoozeCubeBeds/Mattresses
The logo is a figure sleeping, the figure is made from the letters snooz


Thank you so much for your generous offer, but I’m afraid I must waive my right of first refusal on the grounds of not being a designer. As much as I recognize a potential (on a scale of 1 to 5 it’s 7,5) of your ‘diamond-in-the-making’ work-in-progress,i’d have to seek a third party collaboration myself to do justice to your work, and i’m not sure the SH rules make provision for that. :slight_smile:


@Vision thank you for your positive comments, like me I’m glad you can see the potential.

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