Forum's private messaging disabled?

Was trying to contact @dan but I don’t see the ‘Message’ button anymore.

Probably too many sources to get contacted by, try the blue button bottom right of SH Screens the one with the envelope and ? in it )

I’m using that now. That’s the Contest Feedback isn’t it? Yeah I do agree Sh is getting complexer by the week.

for general ? and contest ? if its a registered domain issue there is a link under names when check availability or help@sh email

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@Front, correct we have removed the private messaging from the forum. This is one of the changes to simplify messaging. There are several tools and mechanisms in place for communication, and we are consolidating some of them so there is no confusion. All private messaging should be handled via SH messaging system (and not the forum). If you need to reach any of us at Squadhelp, you can contact us using that help icon on bottom right, or by sending email to


@dan You guys are not just catching up with us but forging ahead. That is awesome! :+1:

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