Forum Profile Image


I can’t find how to change my profile picture for the forum - anyone know how? I can see where it is in my account but there is nothing that says change profile image…


@Commulinks go to your “My Account” tab. Your photo should have a camera icon on the bottom. Click on it and you can download a new pic


I’ve been facing the problem quite a long time now, it’s to me not changeable


Thank you Lisa - that only works on our main account page. I cannot find the same in the Forum alone. I changed mine once, but when I go to my profile, it doesn’t give me an option.


@grant is the profile picture changer in the forum broken?


tried to do mine this am, feature not working


@Commulinks Currently there is an issue with updating the profile images in the Forum. We recommend updating them directly on SH platform. At this point we do not have an ETA when this issue might be resolved.


I’ve never been able to upload an image- hence the anon photo :joy:


@ grant the upload photo is not working on the SH platform either.