For New Marketplace Feature Reports


I would really appreciate hearing from other creatives in the marketplace about the new features you have used and what the outcomes were. Specifically:
Superboosting - what kind of results did you see?
-Increased shortlists?

Make An Offer - what results did you see?
-Offers made
-Were offers in the realm of what you would accept?

Thanks, please keep this string going. It’s important to know how these are working.

FYI: Before “super boosting” there was a name in the marketplace that sat at the top of the listings for weeks and weeks. It was not a name that cost in the tens or hundreds of thousands. It was at the top of every category page and the main page. And it recently sold. I kept asking why certain names were always at the top and it was extremely frustrating that I could not make my names appear at the top of every category and main page for weeks on end. Congrats to the creative who sold it because they figured something out that I was not able to do. Meanwhile, for me, no sales since May.


SuperBoost : The name remained in the top 10 of its category for the entire week. 3X views, maybe 2X shortlists. But no sale.

Make an offer : No sniff of that. Not even an unacceptable offer came to my notice.


Sorry. I also saw this name and could not understand how it is possible to be always at the top. Probably, there are functions that are not available for ordinary creatives.


And they didn’t have to spend 2500 points a week to do it. That is a TON of points. Still no answer from SH about increasing our points potential earnings. We get… how many points for participating in a contest? Like 10 at the most if we get love/shortlist??? I don’t even know… All I know is it is not hundreds, which it needs to be to keep up with 2500 or 1000 points spent in one WEEK for a boost.


Nick, was your name listed at the top of the “all names” part of the marketplace, too, or only the categories? I thought they were supposed to also be at the top of “all names” too. I did a superboost last night. So far, it is in the top 10 in the categories, but lower in the top 10.


No. Top 10 in its category and hovered at around a few hundreds (200 to 300) on the all categories page.