For Marketplace Success Stories


I really appreciate all the insights. I’m brand new to SH and you are painting a complete picture for me!!


Congratulations to SH and the person who owned Exactly
What an incredible sale. Kudos


So I just sold my first domain!! Couldn’t be happier :heart_eyes:. SH says trademark formalities need to be completed before I get the $. Does it take 7-14 days as SH states? Did any of you unfortunately failed the trademark check ?


**unfortunately I have, I am not sure of the problem but the sale failed because of tm issues.
Best of luck to you.


Congratz, Nick!!! :sunglasses: - Yes, it typically takes 7-10 days to get paid…

Oh, and Re: Trademark checks - I usually do a cursory trademark check on all the names I enter anyway, so that (hopefully) there won’t be any issues later on. :wink:


Alright Alwritey :slight_smile:

How do I do the cursory check henceforth? Tell me. Tell me :slight_smile:


Hard Luck Shanna. I feel ya :frowning:


Here ya go…


Big Congrats on your domain @Nick!


Thanks @LauraE

Got the nod for TM check. 1 down.


Hi Creatives. I am new to SH and trying to read as many threads and learn. Can you tell me if there are advantages to listing your Domain owned names to non-owned domain names to the market place? Thanks in advance.


Welcome to SH! I am not quite understanding your question. Can you rephrase it?


I think you want to know the difference between domains you own outright and past entries that were accepted to the marketplace where you get commission. Maybe one of the domainers can answer that one for you.


Yes, I recently submitted a name to the Marketplace that I am the registered Domain owner and I also listed a name that I do not own. I was wondering what are the advantages to listing your owned names over just listing.


Feeling good!! :grinning:
Won my first contest 2 weeks ago!
and sold my first marketplace domain yesterday!!

Squadhelp, you rock!!!


Just put the car in the shop for a rebuilt transmission :weary:
Just got an email that I have sold a MarketPlace Domain! :star_struck:
Oh! I am counting my lucky stars!
Karma, I am being good :yum:


Oh, what a joy!!! Congrats to YOU!!!


Thank You Thank You!

Love this site and our positive encouraging members. I’m proud to be a part of this world we call Squadhelp


well deserved clinks and umn, I needed that


omg… 108 New Domain Listed In premium market (After 25 July)
Huge competition…