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sometimes but not too much


I am incredibly grateful to SH. I am having my best month EVER in now over 3 years because of the marketplace. I’ve really hung in there. I am not at the top of the list so many of you good people, but my perseverance and not dropping my names is really paying off. I had 2 marketplace names sell on the same day - right when I was deeply worrying about all that I have invested in my names. So I am not posting this to brag, it’s just to encourage people to stick with it. I re-read this entire string because it is one of the best strings in the forum. The advice from you long-time domainers is priceless. Anyway, thank you all for sharing wisdom and thank so much to SH.


Congrats @Commulinks!!
Still trying to sell even 1 lol


Whoop-Whoop!!! :sunglasses:


@Commulinks Congratulations! Have you been using the boost feature on your marketplace listings,or did your names just sell without any extra marketing?


I market my names on my own, a LOT. And on these two in particular, I did boost them but they didn’t sell during the boost period. However, I feel like the boost may have helped. I have had mixed results with boosts. I have names that were once super popular that get zero attention now, even when I boost them. I think you mentioned recently that you’ve had that issue, too. I am really frustrated by that. On some names, there is nothing I can do because I have to wait for SH to put them on sale.


Thank you so much. I was right at the point when I was starting to seriously question why I invested so much in my names. I was starting to watch my overall profit drop significantly… and more and more renewals coming. These sales changed everything for me.


I want to tell you that it really helps to have a lot of names. And when you do the math, you realize that it works just fine. One sale makes a world of difference on names you own. Thanks so much for the encouragement. I am not a domainer like so many of our colleagues. But I keep trying, because I believe in my names. *Oh how I wish I could say more on this topic…but I definitely should not!


Way to Go, Clinks!! Double Whoop!


Thank you @LauraE! I have missed you lately.


I miss you and everyone too!! I’ve had a big dose of life that has my days filled. I’ve dabbled a bit but not enough to be productive. I’m so glad you sold those domains! I know how hard you’ve worked at your portfolio!


Uh oh… a big dose of life usually means “not good”- I hope you are ok! Thanks for the comment. Come back soon!


Just had a domain sold after 10 days and 129 views in the marketplace. And some of them are there since the beginning, with 129+ shortlists. Not that I complain, but all of this makes no sense to me… I’ll leave domaining to the pros.


Double Whoop-Whoop on the sales @Commulinks! Very happy for you. You’ve got a lot of great names and would hate to see you leave. I have always appreciated your input over the past few years here on the forum. Just wanted to share about the boost feature, and that I’m not seeing an improvement using it, so far. As I mentioned before, my names are getting less attention now, prior to using the feature and since the feature was introduced to the platform. They were doing well above site average in short lists on a daily basis, and now have lagged to only slightly above average. Not sure what to make of it. To soon I think to really know what’s going on. I did sell 2 last month within a 24 hour period though, one on the payment plan, one not. Very encouraged though overall, and super grateful to squadhelp for this opportunity. Keep up the great work and Kudos, once again.


Thank you so much, Kral, that means a lot.
I wanted to tell you, too, that I know what you are saying about drops in attention for our names. The growth in the marketplace has definitely impacted how much attention our names get. But I have also notice a significant drop in views. Half the views, in fact. And I agree on the boosts… there are times when it seems to help, but often not at all. My biggest concern is names that were once extremely popular that I can barely even find in the marketplace anymore and they aren’t getting any attention at all. I ended up selling another name over the weekend.

But I am extremely uncomfortable with installment plans…

PS…just checked my shortlists … the numbers are way way off. It says I have over XXX and I really have XX. Recently, the system didn’t update views and shortlists, too.


I have seen a big drop in views since the boost feature was added, as well. I have continued boosting my own names here and there, but I can’t really see a difference. Hasn’t brought about any sales for me.


I’ve also noticed an alarming drop in VIEWS. Whatever the reasons, it takes us more and more away from the initial idea/ambition. Frustrating.


I think they just changed the algorithm for counting the total number of views. Despite a significant total view drop, my daily number of shortlists has not changed.


Congrats on another name. The name I had that sold on payment plan, has been out right purchased as of yesterday. So needed. I do get concerned over the Market Place View-ability, or what seems to be a lack of View ability. Though I do trust the system squadhelp as put in place, it may not always seem to be view-able on our end but names are selling. Patience is a virtue and one that I have not been particularly acquainted with, though am getting to know quite well…Hee-hee.


Congratulations Kral!