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i hope this feature only seen by creatives but not by contest holders or prospective buyers, because its like revealing whats going on in the kitchen hehe.


if want to reveal maybe something along we sold domains everyday, or we sold many domains everyday, so sound positive. i believe SH a disruptive marketplace :smiley:


From what I know, other important marketplaces make this statistics public. I wouldn’t see any issue there. I don’t know why SH didn’t share statistics so far( I’m sure they have their reasons), but I can only state that as the marketplace grew and there will be a high number of renewals for some of the creatives to pay for, this becomes a bit urgent from a creative’s point of view. SH does offer the most complete package (from my little knowledge at least) as price includes audience testing too and the prices are lower than other marketplaces(even if quality of names is definitely higher). I hope that this translated in a lot higher percentage of sales, thus enabling us to have confidence and pay the renewals for at least a part of those domains that SH would choose not to.


I’m not exactly sure how it works about the marketplace domain renewal being on the creative.I thought part of the reason SH takes such a huge cut of the sale of our names is because they pay for the domain costs,including registration. Does the percentage for the creative go up then if we have have to pay for the domain renewal? Would that make it “our” owned domain then, and would we then get the percentage of our cut increased? I also have seemed to be only getting renewal info about my domains that are expiring after the fact when SH is telling me they are going to take $10 out of my account to pay for renewal. So I am not sure how all of this works and what are choices are.Please enlighten me!


The info about when your domains will renew is in your dashboard, where you make the decision about your renewal option.

In answer to your other question… no… SH still keeps most of the money and does not do a rebalance when you have paid for the renewal. You do have the option of not paying the renewal and taking a much smaller commission or dropping the name. But the price you pay for that is far more than $10 so it’s not worth it. So what you have to do is keep track of renewal dates in your dashboard. They are not correct for domains you own, though.

Hope this helps. Ask more if not.


@ALDaisy1 @fxpreneur @raresfarcas

We will be making an update in your dashboard within the next 7 - 10 days that will provide more visibility related to marketplace stats.


Hi @hollygirl - Thank you for your question.

And thank you for the reply @Commulinks.

The full Marketplace Renewal policy is available here:


@grant, i have question for the newest sh owned marketplace domain, in case creative choose not to pay the renewal fees, for how much the commission will be reduce? thank you


Hi @fxpreneur - Each name in the Marketplace is provided a custom commission offer before the renewal date, so that Creatives can decide how they would like to proceed. However, over time, we will simplify this process.


Thank you @grant, also is it possible that the creative’s commission will increase for sh owned domains which have commission around 22 - 25% if creatives choose to pay for the renewal fees? Maybe increase by 3 -5%? Its just an idea.Thank you


@fxpreneur - Thank you for this idea! We will keep it in mind as we refine the SH Owned renewal process.


Perseverance, Persistence, Tenacity and sometimes, just Plain, old Luck…

Yep, Peeps, remember I told you I just got 10 more names approved for the Marketplace a few days ago? - Well, one of them just sold!!! :sunglasses:

Who wants to join me in “The Happy Dance?” :dancer:


WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @AlwriteyThen!!! I would say you are lucky but it’s not being lucky, it’s being talented!!


I’ll join you in the happy dance. CONGRATULATIONS!!! :smile:


Thanks, Girlfriend!!! :kissing_heart:


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do you submit names in the contest ???


I know I’m just seeing this now so forgive my slowness but you go!!! Like that’s so freaking incredible :grin::two_hearts::two_hearts:


Bravo, Bravo @AlwriteyThen. Sorry I’m late in hearing the great news too. I don’t get out much. Very happy for you! Keep it going~