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Hope I am not breaking any rules posting this, might be useful to those with Marketplace listed domains. That’s why it’s in this topic.

After our domains got indexed I decided to google them one by one, to see how they rate on search pages (well done SH, 1st page every search). Imagine my surprise when I found a facebook page named as one of my domains and using the logo SH created as profile picture. Bluebuttoned it, and contacted page owner kindly asking how he acquired the name and logo.
Explanation is this - he came up with the name (OK, plausible) and when he googled it he found a picture that matched his page name and used it (?!?!?!). His profile picture was posted in May. Anyway, after short discussion he agreed to remove the logo, but he wouldn’t rename the page. I left the matter in capable SH support hands.
What do you guys think, trademark violation or just an unfortunate coincidence?

edit: just sold my first marketplace domain last night, totally different feeling from winning a contest…

edit 2: as @lightless said in a reply, trademark has nothing to do with this, my wording was not good, I don’t know how else to say ownership of domain+logo.


Registering the .com or coming up with a name doesn’t give us any legal rights or moral rights (Outside of Squadhelp) other than to sell the .com domain as we please. So you can’t really force him to change his Facebook page name whether he took it from you or not, but he has no right to use the logo.

Trademark has nothing to do with all this. Oh and congrats on your first domain sale.


If not for the logo I would have just ignored it, but since it was SH logo that he used it “felt” like he was taking advantage of me and SH. I don’t know much about trademarks, I am guessing until they are registered anyone is free to use ideas we submit here, don’t know how it works for logos…


Didn’t made a sale yet, as I don’t really have many names available, but something surprisingly happened to me these days- in the last 3 ‘‘rounds’’ of proposals(total of 20 namest), I had 3 names selected for the marketplace, one in each ‘‘round’’! I wanted to ask you guys something about shortlists/views ratio and number of shortlists. What percent would you consider as being a very good one? From the 4 names I had accepted earlier, one has 35 shortlist(3 months ‘‘old’’) and the biggest shortlist/views ratio is 18,42. Are they high numbers or not? Off course, ultimately it all reduces to sales. But I try to figure it out how my chances would be and maybe how much time should I invest in this platform.


Hi there @raresfarcas. We don’t have any stats from SH to show what might considered be a good percentage, but from my point of view, names that are at least over 10% are doing well. I will say this, though, SH marketplace had a massive influx of views over night a couple of days ago that have skewed the data a lot on certain names that were impacted. So for example some of my names had a sudden increase in 100 views and no similar increase in shortlists so the views data, I believe, is wrong. I did report the issue to SH but I don’t know if there will be any way for them to take back all those views that do not appear to have been real people. (I had a jump of over 1500 views over night overall on all of my names, which never - ever - happens). I’m saying this stuff mostly because others may not realize why some of their percentages plummeted.

I have sold names that had just over 10% views/shortlists. At the same time, it is equally interesting that names can be extremely popular, but haven’t sold yet.


@Commulinks @ALDaisy1 dont know if I’m alte with this one, but accoeding to the marketplace update by grant the flames are as follows:
If you see a “flame” icon next to the domain, it indicates that the domain is one of the highly popular names in our marketplace. The popularity is calculated based upon an algorithm that takes into account several signals that represent potential customer interest.


I’ll rather suggest that creative should not be eligible to shortlist name in the market place, as I think 99% of creative who shortlist the name only like the name but are not prospective buyer, hence, creative shortlisting marketplace name is completely out of point at least in my own opinion. I’ve shortlisted names unknowingly just thinking in me that wow, this is extremely creative, meanwhile I well know that I’m not buying the domain, I only like it and nothing more. I’ll suggest that if creatives should shortlist any domain name in the marketplace, then the number of people shortlisting it should be divided into two

  1. Shortlisted by prospective buyer
  2. Shortlisted by creatives.
    I think with this, the owner of the domain will know who and who is willing to buy the domain. That’s just my opinion though


@Beloved While creatives having the ability to shortlist names skews the numbers- the fact that a name has more shortlists can impact the potential buyer’s decision, thinking that are other potential buyers interested and thus increase the urgency to make a purchase. So I’m not sure it’s a good idea to create a separation such as the one you’re suggesting.


I just wanted to Woo Hoo me as I sold my first Instant Domain yay! After barely being on here for July, August and September due to the looong school holidays here I saw my percentage fall from 97 to now 71/72% and this past week I lost my tier a. I’ve been so gutted so you can imagine it was just the best news after feeling like I’d completely lost Faith in myself. I guess I just wanted to say “keep on keeping on” to those else feeling disheartened like I have. That there are other opportunities and that I am really grateful for SH giving me the opportunity to enter into the “domaining” space in a safe reassuring way. Just when I felt I had lost all confidence this ray of sunshine is wonderful and inspires me to plug away. Keep at it everyone because good things do come, maybe few and far between for some of us but they do come!!

As for those of you with thousands of domains!! :scream::scream: You are so brave, you inspire me!


Just to add, for those interested in the shortlist numbers, it had a 5. Something % shortlist, so don’t lose faith if you feel your name isn’t hitting a magic 10%, there is always someone who is going to love your names as much as you do :grin:


Congratulations @whiteisland I’m thrilled for you!


@whiteisland, Congratulations on your Instant Domain sale!! And thank you for the encouragement! Never give up.


What a great post! Thanks for sharing!!! Congratulations!!!


@whiteisland Congrats. A great name gets sold sooner or later, but the wait is what is tortuous.

@AbleBrands Getting domains sold is an all too familiar feeling, I am sure. :stuck_out_tongue:


Woop! Woop! :boom::boom:Congrats @whiteisland Thrilled for you! :tada:


Thank you so much for your lovely support everyone, I loves it here I do!! :grin:


Just sold another one - Yippppeeee!!! :tada:

Hang in there Peeps, sometimes it takes a while - I’d been “sitting on” that one for a while, but I kept entering it on projects, and (obviously) someone loved it enuf to purchase it. :moneybag:


Over the past several months I’ve been slowly adding domains to the Premium Listing section of SH. I have about 40 domains listed there now.

Between May and Nov of this year I had 4 sales ranging in price from $899 to $1599 (before commission etc)



Received my $$$ today for my first domain sale. 2019 is a good year. Thank you to the buyer and Squadhelp!


I would LOVE to see some kind of statistics regarding the marketplace. Just a total number of domains sold last year vs. total number of premium listings would be great. I have a lot of domain renewals coming up and I feel like I’m flying blind when choosing whether to renew or drop them.