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Great thing to say, Lynn! Maybe some of our fellow creatives feel they have ‘the code’ figured out already! What say ye, fellow creatives?


2 names together if they are short… and snappy my best thinking… and then for made up words ALOT of thought and intelligence and cleverness… I am guessing


Mostl of mine that were accepted have been two real words that start with the same letters… .example…BareBaron and are mostly under 10 letters if that helps


My accepted domains are those that consist of 2 real words (not only alliterated, but with the meaning) and made ups.


I have had a couple accepted that were slightly longer word combos, but returned practically no search results on google, if that helps. I’ve submitted lots that were rejected too, though, so certainly it is hard to predict.


This is a great conversation. Thanks everyone who is joining in. Most of my names are blends and that is because I probably submit them the most in contests. But these thoughts have really sparked my enthusiasm and I am trying others that I had not tried. Keep talking!


Learning so much here. Thanks @ALDaisy1 for bringing up this topic.

I have specific question for “patience & holding a domain for years”
(@Able Brands: “Patience really does pay. I’ve held names for 10+ years and never head a sniff of interest then bam someone has hit that $2,XXX buy now button.”)

How do we assess that the name or part of the name is not going to be “old”/“so oft used that it gets clichéd stamp.”

For eg: Recently I submitted a name to a contest, knowing well that it is taken but contest was accepting “minor variations allowed”. To my surprise it showed available before I could put any suffix/prefix, I ran to check and found it was dropped, My immediate thought was to buy it instantly (you are right @ALDaisy “if you ever let it drop it will be snapped up immediately by a third party.”) but decided to wait a day. and guess what! It was a compound name & CH said this is nice but “xxx” word is kind of old. I know it is a strong nice name but now can’t muster enough courage to buy it.

Featured Names in Domain Marketplace

@sonchir, brand names can be trendy, especially among the tech startup community. Some trends like adding LY or IFY to the end of a dictionary word (Bitly, Spotify) and dropping the last vowel (Flickr, Tumblr, Pixlr) have lasted for 5-6 years even though they are fading. Other, shorter trends include adding Hello or Hey in front of a word (HeyTutor, HeyJobs) OR having “labs” as your second word (CreativeLabs).

Sometimes actual words themselves can be trendy. Words that used to be super hot were cyber, cloud, web, net, deal, rocket. But those keywords are not selling so well anymore. They are a bit dated.

Words that are super hot right now include crypto, coin, token, block, chain etc due to the cyptocurrency boom.

In order to learn these trends you have to ready startup blogs and news sites to stay in the know. Or you can read summary articles like this one.

Without knowing the keyword you are citing I can’t give any opinion about it’s potential out-datedness.



As Grant has said earlier in this thread, good brands are meaningful, impactful and powerful. There are a variety of ways that this can be achieved.

First using words that go well together and create good imagery. Some examples from the SH marketplace would be IgniteBeam, VaultWorth, StorkStory. Alliteration also adds power to a brand and makes it more memorable. DizzyDino is one example currently on SH.

Words that are uplifting and expansive are also good. This would include words, or root segments of words, like ascend, rise, every, thrive, vivid, sky, fly, jet, ever, progress, true, supreme etc and you will see these SH marketplace brands like Riseology, Growvanta, Ascendium etc.

At the same time be aware that brandables are very subjective and what looks great to us may not look so appealing to the SH team. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

I hope these insights are helpful :slight_smile:


@GibbonTake, :clap:
Thank you very much, these are great insights, certainly helps!


:thumbsup: Really interesting! Thank you for these tips!


Your message gives hope. Thank you.:relaxed:


I know in the past, marketplace statistics have not been shared. Are there any plans to alter this policy in the future? For instance, I would love to know the total number of sales that are made each month, or even a monthly or six month average. I feel we are given lots of information concerning contests that we can use to evaluate our performance (6 month stats, leaderboards, etc.) but on the marketplace side, not so much. I do appreciate the sold names being displaced beneath our marketplace dashboard, but I can’t help wishing for some big-picture statistics.


yes! I would also like to see the stats relative to views and shortlist overall so I know how my names are doing.


@ALDaisy1 @Commulinks

Thanks you for this feedback. We will keep your request in mind as we continue to advance the Marketplace.


I’ve had two sales in the last two months (woohoo!). I always just leave the prices to what Squadhelp decides, but one of mine that sold was discounted at the time it was purchased (by $200 IIRC).


I wonder whats the ratio of Marketplace domain shortlisted to actually bought? :thinking:


@ALDaisy1 A little while ago, you asked somewhere on the forum what the little flames mean on our names. I just realized those are the names that have the extra lifestyle image with them. Remember you told me I could click on my names to see if they have them? Now, all you need to do is look at the flame ones and see those are the ones.


@Commulinks It seems the flames show up mostly on names with lifestyle images, but I do have three with flames that don’t have a lifestyle image. it does show the additional marketing is having an effect, though.


Thank you so much,for generously sharing of your knowledge, I’m grateful to learn anything about domaining. Baby Needs Bucks…hoping to one day afford to buy a small home.