Flagged by another member

Hi Dan, I just got an email from SH / Matt saying that my comment was flagged by another member for violation. That Matt looked at it and found me guilty of challenging the CH over ratings.
I most certainly did not challenge the CH. I remember what you said a couple of weeks ago and was very respectful, he clearly did not understand the meaning of the 1 star.
So not only was I punished by losing points after doing my best to give the CH what he was looking for but I was double punished by Matt .
I am a very polite, respectful person who would never be ugly to anyone here whether it’s a member or a CH. If I felt it was a problem that a simple dialogue in the comment section would not fix I would certainly have come to get you or someone here at SH. And I was not challenging the CH.
Anything I say or do in the comment sections is purely to help not just myself with the task but the other members as well. The 1 stars are very hurtful to our ability to earn points and the CH’s don’t seem to be understanding the meanings well at all.
Can you please help us with this situation? I know I can’t be the only one frustrated by this.
Ty very much


@LorinRyle, we take comment posting guidelines very seriously, and have begun to take actions where the policy is not being followed. Posting repeated comments about CH ratings are not allowed, and in this case, we have removed your second comment about the same topic.

We understand the concern about losing points on 1 star rating. We also appreciate that sometimes CH do not follow the rating guidelines consistently. However, ratings are sometimes subjective in nature, and it is possible that some CH may not read or understand the implications of point system/ or rating guidelines. Many of them have only been on SH platform for less than 24 hours, and it is possible that they haven’t understood all aspects of ratings by this time. We do our best to educate them about these guidelines, however, there will always be some cases where the ratings may be higher or lower than how it is supposed to be according to the guidelines. We have adjusted our point system to significantly reduce the impact of low ratings and we will not allow any comments which challenge the CH on their choice of ratings. While it might appear that challenging the ratings or sending multiple messages about rating policy will change the contest holder’s pattern of rating - we’ve seen that it usually leads to abandoned contests, because the CH stops rating completely due to these messages.

This seems strange but if you reply to a comment thats already there -----there is no report button.

people probably wont bother if theres no direct button even if something should be reported

@jose, we will get this fixed soon