Flag button for contest comments

I think we are in need of a flag button not only in forum but for contest comments. Especially when someone seems to have a problem with a certain contestant and continues to cause trouble on VALID questions that are asked. Makes us all look very unprofessional and not a place I would return to.


I thought same question, different words. Valid, and not inappropriate since the CH opened the door with “sexy”. Unintentional by CH, so valid follow up questions.


We will work on adding a flag option for comments. Discussion forum or public contest comments are not the right place for argumentative language and personal attacks. They are meant for constructive discussion that also helps other members. We are serious about this, and will take actions against any users who demonstrate a repeated pattern of such behavior, despite our warnings.


Couldn’t agree more. I’ve referred contestants to the forum recently when I’ve seen that kind of thing brewing. I actually included something within “Consolidated Suggestions” that addressed that. (the “RAT” (Report and Tattle) button.