Finally something that may actually help

Squadhelp finally did something meaningful in regards to quality of logos. It only took them a couple of years.

I am convinced that low quality of logos was in 99.99% of the cases because normal communication between sellers and designers was simply not possible. I am really happy to see the new feature in “send message to designer”. I am sure that the new possibility to send images will do miracles.

Hopefully we can see more improvements soon. I really hope so.


I was maybe too excited when I left a positive feedback on the new feature. It’s actually a mess. Oh Lord, it is a real mess!
I am curious to know about other people experiences with it. Please share. Here are screenshots of my correspondence with designers.

It looks even worse on desktop:

Websites had such interface in the 90’s. So sorry @grant but when I am saying that your developers have no clue what they’re doing, I am not joking. And I am sure that this is not my opinion only. Squadhelp is probably one of the platforms with worse UI and UX that exist in 2021. It takes some good nerves to work with it.

(Is this how a message is supposed to look?) I am not even mentioning the fact that the picture won’t send.

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pst catch more bees with honey, appreciate your expertise though.


Have I been too bad? :blush: Well I didn’t join Squadhelp for bee catching. I joined with the idea of selling some of my domain names. And constantly bumping into new issues is a bit of a disappointment.


I mean, if you’d like, you can always go to another platform or even start your own.

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Problem is that none of them is perfect and all of them have their pros and cons. So far I find Squadhelp to be the best one among similar platforms. But this doesn’t mean that it can’t improve even further. So I rather prefer to pick one and help with improving it instead of constantly switching between different platforms. Thanks for your input anyway, and for the idea. The thread is about the new feature in messages to designers though. Do you have anything to say about it, or you wanted to leave a general comment just?


No it was just the tone lol. You scaled it back so it’s better now :slight_smile:


Got it, I was just thinking that if you write people off as completely incompetent they are much less likely to actively listen and take your insights in and more likely to write you off as just an AH. Get the feeling you don‘t care much bout that, but your suggestions seem on point, so Im thinking it be nice if they were considered. You are obviously very smart and bring a lot to the table. Im always interested in what you have to say. Don‘t have the knowledge to understand it… but smile.


I’m just here to second that- this was my only concern with ( @Anton_Naydenoff ) your posts.

You have valid responses- just I assume Squadhelp may be overwhelmed at times. Just by the way their support system- well even maybe the whole system has slowed down over the past year. I just try to remember the pandemic and that they may be doing the best they can.

So while all of your points are valid- and well thought out- changing the tone may invite more change. As @Slogana you seem highly intelligent. You deserve to be heard.