Finally! I made it!


I know many of you are above this point already…but I finally hit my 100th win! I have been more like the turtle than the hare…I have just been trying hard and plugging along at this for 3 years now. But this is a huge milestone for me. I thought I would hit it much sooner…but last year as many of you know, was really a tough one for me. So I had to cut back on naming,and try to heal. Besides losing my son…I lost 4 friends and two cousins this last year…a cousin on Christmas day, and then a good friend just 3 weeks ago.So it has been hard to bounce back from that. Life is still not that easy…I am recovering from pneumonia presently,but starting to get over it. But I think you just try to move through life the best you can, and keep having faith.Life still is a wonderful thing,even with all the heartache and challenges. Thanks to all who have been such a kind support to me. Wishing you all good luck and wins,as you use you creativity here!


God Bless you Holly. You deserve this!


Congrats on your 100th Holly!!! On to the next 100!!


Congrats! You deserve a little sunshine


Wow! Holly!! Congratulations on your milestone win… and the sad that happened last year will be your future good memories. Best wishes :slight_smile:


Congratulations Holly and God Bless You today and going forward!!


Congratulations on your Milestone. I’m not even up to 10% of that but I’m coming up. Once again CONGRATULATIONS and be blessed @hollygirl


That is HUGE, Holly!!! Congrats!!! I am coming up on 3 years in March and only at 81!


AMEN HOLLY!!! I am 12 away from 100 Been here about 1 year and a few mos and I have had some challenges too… with a teenage girl . The man above was looking out for me around the holidays I had a win that helped my family so much all of my CC info was stolen and wiped out my bank account, still recovering but it is just $$$ . We all keep you in our prayers daily and hope all continues to your healing


Huge congrats on hitting the 100 Mark Milestone, @hollygirl. Prayers for you and yours-Always. Good to see you around again. Be well.


You’ve Always Had My Respect @hollygirl You are one of the best women i have met on this platform, and along the way i got to know even more about you, You are strong, creative, and u consider us as family…its great knowing such a wonderful being like you, Congratulations on your milestone, i hope to see you fully back in action very soon.:+1:


Congratulations Holly !!! Here is to the next 100 wins xoxoxoxox :heart_decoration::heart_decoration::heart_decoration:


My dear Holly! You’ve had to endure so much! We love you here and congratulations on reaching a milestone!


Congratulations @hollygirl . You are inspirational to all of us. Prayers for you and family. God bless you all.


Thank you everyone for your kind comments and positive support. It’s so great to have people around the world whose path would never have crossed mine had not it been for SH,become my friends. It means alot. Many thanks.


Holly, I am so very sorry for your losses, we are so glad you and your talent are here. May angels on earth be with as you miss your angels in heaven.


Congrats Holly! Well deserved. God Bless you.


Congratulations! Life has been hard for you, but you have had the courage and strength to go back. This 100th victory is an important symbol! I admire your strength and your talent.:slight_smile:


Hearty congratulations Dear…