Filtering Active Contests


Currently, active contests are filtered $0-100, $100-200, $200-300, and > $300. The contests which are listed as $100, $200, and $300 are listed in two different categories. The problem is if I want to see only contests that are listed for $200, I can’t. If I choose the $100-200 category, the $100 contests are listed as well. And if I chose the $200-300 category, the $300 are mixed in too. So, as a result of the current category parameters, one cannot see only the $200 contests. Maybe the category parameters need to be adjusted. Possibly something like $0-100, $101-200, $201-300, and > $301.

I can guess that we all have our own methods of deciding on which contests to enter. But when there are as many as there have been, I usually start at >$300 and work my way down. This works fine until I finish that group and move on to the $200-300 group. All of the contest I previously looked over, the > $300, are also listed in this group too.

I guess it’s a good problem to have, so many contests. But the way the filtering works, it’s wasting time. And if only 500 creatives waste 10 minutes a day re-reading briefs, that’s over 80 hours of wasted time daily. The more productive creatives are, the more names submitted, the more likely the CH will find that winning name sooner, reducing the possibility for multiple extensions and abandoned contests.


It would be nice to have a tagline filter also. I find so many only when there is only under 6 hours to go.


I believe the reason that contests are listed this way, is because some CHs do 50$ marks between the two (i.e. $150, $250, $350). Unfortunately, SH may have to change the coding, make a longer list, drop down box, or whatever to do it with this in mind and that may be impractical. Maybe it wouldn’t be. It wouldn’t be a bad idea, perhaps, but I am just explaining why it was possibly done as such originally. And @KwaziMoto, @Kral , there is a tagline filter. Right here:

Just selecting it in that box filters it (you don’t have to enter anything in the search box, just clicking it creates a search filter for the contest page) :slight_smile:


Thanks again, Rare. Didn’t even see the tagline filter.


They just added it , I like how it’s so much simpler sticking to three categories for SH.


We will work on an update to make this easier to navigate.


Don’t know if this is the right topic selection? I would like to know if you could or would place a🚫so we can delete non particapating in contests individually or batch delete? Thanks!