FertiliTizzy In Brief

I think the new Fertility Expert CH could benefit from some intervention. He has rated nothing above a 1. Either he doesn’t understand the rating system, or his contest brief isn’t clear.


He has the same contest on NF Aunty and he’s deleting every name. He clearly is not explaining what he wants as everyone is confused.


i dont understand why they start contests on different sites- I can understand doing it if they dont find a name on one site , but at the same time seems well odd


Dan, I’m confused as to the definition of “Challenging the CH’s ratings.” We aren’t allowed to explain what a “1” or other numbers mean, either? Because this CH clearly didn’t understand the rating system and apologized. I had a “1” increased to a “4” after I posted, and so did several other contestants. I do understand that we can’t say, “WHY did you give me a 4???” But we can’t explain ratings at all? I ask because my comment and a few others like it were deleted. Thanks.

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@auntshommy, this CH has received several comments and private messages from multiple users about ratings and the tone of most of these messages was that they are doing something wrong. As you might be aware, we have now implemented a popup that clearly tells the rating guidelines to the CH if they choose a 1 star rating.

Therefore, to directly answer your question, as long as the comments are about clarification of brief, they are allowed. However, there can not be any direct comment about ratings from contestant to CH. We will add more examples in the Comment posting policy to eliminate any confusion regarding this policy.

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they changed ones to fours ? i deleted my six ones lol oh well


thats one reason I prefer to make comments in public, at least SH can remove them if they want to- Im not actually sure we should be able to contact a ch privately(imagine if everyone asked the same question privately- how annoying would that be)


That has to be a first!! It’s usually the other way around!

how many times is one allowed to be elimited before one is errrrm eliminated by the way

Thanks, Dan: I’m not going to reference the subject of ratings at all if the comments are going to be deleted or noted as a potential problem. I would just like to mention that up until that time, the only rating the CH had given was a 1, and he seemed clearly confused. The other issue is that it’s a 24-hour contest being held during the holiday season, and who knows how much time there would have been to turn things around. So the bottom line is: we just don’t address any ratings issues, even in a constructive way, with CHs.

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Correct @auntshommy. We can not allow messages from contestants related to ratings. Even though you have a valid intention to clarify the rating guidelines, If we leave the policy open to allow such comments , there is no way to stop multiple contestants from submitting the same message - and many of those messages end up with a tone which is accusing CH of not following the instructions. This leads to frustration and potential contest abandonment because the CH feels they should be entitled to rate the entries without getting continuously reminded of the rating guideline. During the course of a contest, a CH sees multiple messages via Squadhelp notifications about rating guidelines. They also see warning popups every time they select a 1 star rating. We would like to control the communication related to ratings, so it doesn’t go out of hand and result in unintended consequences with the contest.

@Dan Could it be possible some CHs do not see any popups at all if they use a popup blocker?

@Front, these don’t open a new popup window or tab which can be blocked by a popup blocker. These are setup as overlay messages in the same window, and can not be blocked by any popup blockers. Also, the CH has to explicitly accept the rating in the popup by clicking “Yes” below the warning message, otherwise the rating is not recorded.

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what if a contestant sends the message in private ?, there is no way to avoid the ch seeing it