Felling upset when u have no hope

I cant win a single contest,Second position again …BadLuck every time …

Hi smtousif, for many of us it took several weeks to several months to win our first contest. I’ve been on this site for years and it took months to win my first contest. You have to understand that for most of us it takes time and A LOT of trial and error to get to the point of getting a sense of what works and what doesn’t in terms of putting “winning” names out there. And even when you think you have a good handle on it you go through periods where clients just won’t accept your ideas and you can’t seem to win no matter how hard you try. Even the very best creatives lose far more contests than they win. They just learn to treat the losses as learning experiences. Also this is all totally subjective so just because a client rejects your names doesn’t mean they’re bad. One clients reject is another clients winner. Also you have to learn to just enjoy the ride and not get too focused on the outcome. You have to learn to shrug some things off or it might drive you crazy. Try to relax, have fun. Learn as much as you can by looking at the winning names. Hope for a win, but never expect it, and be patient. I hope you won’t give up. Keep at it. When you get your first win you’ll be glad you did.


@smtousif Don’t feel bad. We all go through it. Also, second position means absolutely nothing when it comes to the contest holder choosing their winning name. Just means that you had the second most amount of love, like or on right track entries in that contest. Not that the CH has you second in running to win the contest.


I’ve won contests where others had loves and likes and I only had an On the Right Track. I’ve also lost contests when I had the only love. Don’t let it get to you. Keep plugging away.


Awwww! You never ever know when that perfect contest is going to come along! Theres people that have been on here for a month and they hit and then people that have been on for a while and not so much. Nobody knows what the CH is looking for we only go by what we read and then its hopes and prayers! You will get one dont give up…youll get it!


Hi smtousif,
I didn’t win a contest for my first 2- 3 months and then won 4 in a row… I now have 23 won in 10 months…I feel that my names keep improving over time. That being said- it does get discouraging sometimes for all of us. Please give it a few more months before giving up. One thing that helps me is looking at names and the words misspelled words that have won in the past…that will give you some ideas~!