Feeling Unsafe!

For the past few months I have noticed few of my suggested names getting leaked. Several times I asked SH to help but I found it is not in their hands also. Can any one suggest how to protect these names, other than registering… it becomes very costly… and almost every time I get a rejection from SH, so names are not listed in the market place too. Like for logos on sale the company puts a copyright for it so that no one can misuse that artwork… something similar can we come up to save our names. BTW is it happening with you all. Keyword name getting registered is understood but Made Up names are also getting registered. One of my made up name got registered on the very same day I have entered for a contest. SH is trying to help me, but I feel they are also finding themselves helpless if the contest holder does not reply. Would appreciate if some one can come up with some brilliant idea to save these names. Thanks.


Submit them elsewhere first. If accepted, buy them and submit them to SH. If accepted, list on SH, if rejected list on the other place.

That way you follow SH rules to be able to submit the name to a contest whether it’s accepted in SH marketplace or not. Rules --> https://helpdesk.squadhelp.com/creatives-starter-kit/submitting-to-those-contests-that-are-open-to-premium-names

I’ve been doing this for a few months. Works for me.


Thanks Able. But I was wondering where so ever I will try to list, they will charge me isn’t it. So, how to cut that cost. And, are there any platform without registering I can submit my names and if accepted I can follow your path … :smile: Please guide…

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really confused. What you mean?

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We’re not allowed to mention other marketplaces, forums or registrars on SH so I can’t specifically name one.

Google “brandable domains”, “domaining forum”, “domain registrar” etc and you’ll find some. I’m sorry I can’t help you more than that. :slight_smile:


Thanks a ton. Got your point.

But while submitting even elsewhere, I would be so paranoid now!:fearful:

@Brandshai, you can see, you are not alone in this! Not going to talk anything negative,had enough.

We all must dig, dig & dig & better come up with a good workable solution/s! (one good suggestion already by @AbleBrands)

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@Branshai, I hear ya. I am also concerned about discussing this in the forum, which is public. Every time we discuss this, we risk giving people ideas and trust me when I say, I have had my share of these…

So aside from what Able said, I am going to say this: Report every single one you find. Help SH to clamp down on this problem. Taking people’s intellectual property is wrong. I’d love to see more attention given to this problem, too.

I’ve also learned somewhere along the line that searches for names are made public in some places. (Outside of SH). And that search list is accessible to anyone who has the gumption to go look for it. So I believe a lot of this comes from that. I don’t know if this helps me or not, because as I said, I am definitely not immune from this… but I am very careful not to go straight to Godaddy or use Google to search.

After you’ve done all you are able to do according to your own ability to deal with the headache of managing owned domains and the cost, then move on. There are BILLIONS of unregistered names, BILLIONS of new ideas all the time. And the trends in what Contest Holders want, starts here. Ideas generate new trends. Be a trendsetter.


@commulinks and everybody else: you can use domain search tools like this one, which is supposed to be safer: http://saferwhois.com/


THANK YOU @Moretal!!!


I love this @Commulinks, thanks!

This is exactly the attitude I assume in these cases…more fish in the sea, and besides, no one can really steal your intellect…new and better ideas all the time.


Thank you @moretal this link is very helpful. Several times I have searched for names on Whois and they have been available and then within minutes, they are not available. It could be coincidence but I feel much better going to a site like this.


@ChristyMay No prob. Take into account that sometimes these search tools have glitches. Not sure about the specific one I linked to, but I encountered others that said a domain was available even when it wasn’t so it might be possible that you thought something was available when it in fact was already registered so later when you checked it just showed the real result. Happened to me quite a few times.


Just had another name I have submitted into contests and also submitted to the marketplace and was not accepted… the name was just registered today and for sale on another brokering site??? RRRRRR


What really upsets me is my totally off the wall names I come up with that get registered and there is nothing you can do about it.


I don’t know if this helps? I was reading on the net today that squatters constantly patrol for domains that have been typed in search engines.Snatch them up and resell them.Now I’m afraid to search availability for any names I come up with😕


@Marye5 even when you enter names here, they go thru search engines…that’s how they tell if they are available or not


Yeah I know @jackieheraty I just don’t know what to think about it.I really had no idea that squatters existed- makes me feel like dropping off if my names(even ones I can’t use)are being hijacked or whatever.


I have the same problem and like you, it started a few months ago. I have been registered for about 2 years, and before, there was no problem. Now, I’m a little afraid, like you. I will study the new arrangements put in place by SH.
What I do in the meantime is that I remove my few good submissions as soon as the contest is over.

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I am a bit late coming in to this conversation, but let me see if I understand the issue. Lets say a SH Creative submits an original name into a contest. The contest does not pick that original name. Later, if the Creative tries to submit the same name in to another contest, the message received is: Domain not available. If that is the crux of the issue, I am interested in a resolution. For example: In a cannabis-related contest I submitted the name “Ruby Doobie”. The next cannabis contest I tried submitting Ruby Doobie and got a domain not available message. I have had similar events with other names I have submitted. Am I on the right track or is this something different? Just curious as I have just earned Tier A status, but am not a long term SH participant. BTW, I really enjoy this business and enjoy being a SH Creative.

It’s something different. If you submit a name and it doesn’t win you can still use it. However, if you submit a name and receive a high rating (a like or above) and the contest is still open or pending a winner, you can’t use it until a winner is selected or you withdraw that entry.

Now, if you submit a name and it wins, rather its a domain or not, that entry can not be used again by you or anyone else.

The issue at hand is in regard to domains being submitted and then registered, and therefore unusable.