Feeling left behind in a sense

Explanation: I just read over the messages of a contest "now closed " that says they are possibly going to reconsider original on the right track. …what the hellllo after being asked to delete those and below I am really feeling left behind. .Doggoneit! ! !! A dollar short and 3andhalf days too late :confused::confused::confused:just my luck!!!

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@Marye5 - Don’t let it get to you. Keep moving forward and don’t look back. I keep track a lot of what I do compared to what wins… and in the end, I almost always say: Well, I sure was off on a tangent on that one when I see the winner. (LOL). It’s not luck here… and sometimes moving on is the very best thing for creativity. You hang in there, Mary. Onward and upward! :heart_eyes:


I know what ya mean on the wow that was close, lol. The just my luck meant I should have paid closer attention :confused:but anyway I gave it my all. Appreciate your kind encouraging. Happy naming to be continued :smile:

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