Feedback and Props from Contest Holders

We are excited to share the positive feedback received from our contest holders. Kudos to all of you for helping build such a creative platform that is helping startups and businesses on a daily basis. Will share all feedback in this thread going forward.


β€œI was blown away by the number and quality of submissions for my contest. Talk about leverage! Over 1,000 submissions and 100 participants. Plus a great name!”

Winning Name: SimbiosAdvisors (@Shelton)


β€œThis was a fantastic help in naming my business!! there were so many great options that it did not matter if something was already taken as a web domain because the writers came up with so many new options almost minute by minute. I love this process and will refer others to this site. The entries were creative and much better than slinging names around with friends! Plus it went so quickly that the immediate gratification was fun. Love it love it love it!!!”

Winning Names: Handyjan (@Dongee) and (@Bamboocore)