Feed rating doesnt match actual rating

i noticed a couple of times that the two dont match - is there an error or did the ch change their mind

was expecting a 4 on the african american cookery one but in reality it showed as a 3

Y have the same issue feedback activity shows a four marked but on the contest as a 5 star

@Jose, @seezall: This issue seems to happen in a scenario when contest holder rates an entry, and then later changes the rating. In that case, we do not publish a new activity feed for that entry. We are fixing this. Should have this fixed by tomorrow morning.

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it must have been a quick change in rating by the ch - think there were actually two in the same contest that didnt show up as 4s and there are only two other 4s in total…maybe its just a problem with that contest

FYI…This issue is now resolved. Please let us know if you experience a similar issue again. Note: going forward, if a contest holder changes the rating for the same entry, you will see another update in your feed. This way, the most recent feed should always match the latest rating for the entry.


seems to make sense :wink: