Feb 15 - Cha-Ching!

Feb 15 - Where’s the Love? Day after Valentine’s Day Cha-Ching? Did I miss out again? :disappointed:
Good Luck everyone! Keep on Keepin on!


Hi All - Cha-Ching may be delayed for one day. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Oh ok cause my pending list is dropping like flies,


Thank you Grant, for the update and clarification :ok_hand:


Here we go, started earlier in the day than usual. Good luck everyone!


Nada that’s 2 straight months , has nothing to do with submissions saw one person who only entered 24 contests avg of 2 entries per has 2 splits but congrats to all that did your luckier than this sob

I’ve received my email now. 2 splits.

@seezall - splits have nothing to do with the number of submissions. They have to do with being shortlisted (or highest rated) and the age of a contest. If you didn’t get splits it is because you weren’t eligible for them in the contests that aged out. The person you are talking about would have had top ratings (either shortlists or going down the list to loves, likes, etc) and their number of entries has nothing to do with it. Seez, the split process is NOT random! You aren’t being left out. When you have the ratings needed for the split, you always get them. There’s no unfairness in this process. Best of luck in the future.


Cha-ching email now received!

I hope everyone else did well too. Thank you again SquadHelp.

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A decent split. $30. It seemed like I waited FOREVER. (don’t lose hope guys) Last month there were none so this was nice. Good Luck to everyone. I have no financial catch, currently pounding the pavement as well as the keyboard, so every penny is welcome.


more of a kaplunk but I havent been here long enough for the older contests $10.00


im surprised some chs take the time to remove short listed names but dont choose a winner

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Only brought up number of entries is that’s because what able said to me last month just going to agree to disagree with you cuz my rating percentage is high enough that I should be getting splits just unlucky either the ones I’m eligible in get awardedor the ones where there’s no ratings the ch comes in and gives a participation prize to someone, I even get booted off the shortlisted list late so believe me my quality is there I’m just really unlucky and frankly that stinks

I thought at the end of a contest where a winner isnt chosen that all loves went to short listed, so a ch would have to make a special effort to remove people from the list


Splits are allocated as follows:

In situations where a contest winner has not been selected within 30 days of the close of a contest and the Contest Holder has not requested additional time for winner selection - the contest award will be equally split between all Creatives who have at least one name in the contest’s Shortlist. (Example - If Creative L, M, N, O, and P all have one or more entries in the Shortlist and the award amount for the contest is $200, each Creative will receive a $40 award.)

If there are no names in the shortlist or it is a design contest, the award will be split equally between all Creatives who have at least one of the highest ratings given in the contest. (Example - If the prize amount is $300, there are no names in the shortlist, and Creative Q, R, S, and T each have one or more Love it ratings - each of these creatives will receive a $75 award.)

If the contest only has No thank you ratings and/or unrated entries, the contest award will be equally split between Creatives who participated in the contest and have at least 5 Love It ratings in other contests in the previous month.

I mentioned number of entries last month because it is relevant. In the last six months you’ve submitted 1,359 entries. I’ve submitted 13,183 entries. Assuming we are equally matched in skill in naming contests I should win approximately 10 times the amount you do.

My actual average works out that I win a contest for every 300 entries I make. Your actual average works out that you win a contest for every 272 entries you make. That means you effectively win more than I do. When I looked at the leaderboard, you actually win more than everyone in the top 10!


Seez, no, your overall rating percentage has nothing to do with it. I guess you don’t see what I am saying. There’s nothing to disagree about. If you had shortlists and others did, too, and the contest was scheduled for the split, then you would get it. The only time it is random is when there are no ratings. I am pointing this out because you are making statements about how this works that imply that you’ve been deliberately left out when that is not how it works. If the contest is old enough for the split process AND you have ratings that qualify on that contest, you get a split. It’s important, especially for new people here, to realize that the system works as it should and that nobody is left out if they qualify. It’s not luck.

If you find an example where you were left out of a split you qualified for, then it should be reported via blue button.

Now, yes, the issue of getting booted off the shortlist - now THAT is real and it happens to all of us! Because you were away for a while, the wait for chachings is also a while, too.


Which is why I’m behooved, over the last 2 months you’ve hade 30 some splits? Means I should have 3

Able participates in TONS of contests, Seez. TONS. And hasn’t been away for a while. I assure you, the split system is going to start working better for you over time.

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I can’t over talk about one subject here so congrats all who do, will rehash at end of month

After not winning a contest in two months, I finally pulled a winner! Cashed out my winnings this morning only then to press my luck and receive $24.36 in abandoned contest earnings! What a mood booster! I was hoping to add that to my request payout I had already processed from earlier, and SH was so helpful! SH cancelled my prior request allowing me to make one lump request with both earnings! I love SH! Keep on Keepin on everybody! I have been in a discouraged slump for over 2 months and a win has reassured me :blush: We are all winners here! Just keep swimming!


@Alphaomega808 and @AbleBrands - Thank you so much for continuing to post when it is cha-ching time. It really helps me out a lot to know if it is happening and when it ends. I really appreciate it.