Favorite Craft Beer Brands


Craft beers often have great names. What are your favorite craft beer names, and what do you like about them?


Oohh, this is a good one - coming from a state with one of the most breweries per capita, drinking craft beer is the norm. My husband and I tend to drink more wine than beer, but we definitely have our favorites when we do indulge. There’s a brewery here called the “Crux Fermentation Project” - even though it’s a brewery it’s completely family friendly which is a plus for us. The Crux beer we like is called “Half Hitch”: Hops climb up twine that’s just loosely tied to the trellis with a half hitch knot - this IPA is just loosely tied to the traditional Imperial IPA - hence the name “Half Hitch”. :beer:


Sadly, no craft beer scene where I reside. Hence I have to put in a word for cocktails, which I love and also have great names.

Cocktails such as the corpse reviver, Cuba Libre and Planter’s punch, and Monkey shoulder (Whisky) have intriguing, fun and unique names with meaningful well-fitting backstories as to why the name came about. Which any brand would love these days.