#FakeNews Confetti


Hi all,
Is anyone else getting #FakeNews confetti? (Confetti but no moola!)
I have reported this twice in the last 3 days. If anyone else is having this issue, please report it so tech can continue figure out what’s happening.

Maybe this is just a great omen that lots of money is coming my way, but hasn’t posted yet. LOL!!! Counting my Gozillions as we speak!


@Commulinks I get the confetti when there is any change involving money, whether it’s a win, a purchase. or a renewal fee deducted from my account. I hate it.


That’s happened to me several times and it’s very ,very,VERY disappointing to think you’ve won,but HAVEN’T:(


Yes, that has happened to me before, too. Not this time, though. This time it is random. Nothing has changed…


Yes a random :broken_heart:…js,hope it doesn’t happen anymore.