Extending contests with no new updates

@Grant this has been brought up before, but nothing has changed. Can you make it mandatory that a CH cannot extend their contests unless they provide feedback/updates as to what they like, don’t like, …anything at all. We keep getting contests with no ratings, very little ratings or all hates, yet they extend and offer no new information. How are we to get them “better” options if they extend and share nothing?


Few weeks ago I’ve proposed even better step - mandatory 10% increase of award after every brief update. There is so many contests when it’s happening not once or twice but multiple times + in a very large proportion of them, every change to the brief means all of the previous entries could be thrown away. CH’s in every case and SH in cases where the Branding team is involved should make IMHO greater effort in establishing what CH is exactly looking for. Sometimes few days pass by before we get a first reaction from CH’s which leaves one-three days to get what they want. Sometimes it just feels like some briefs are written without a second though. I guess that this simple solution would make CH’s think more carefully about the brief they put out.


I totally get you - I’m a real estate agent and this sort of thing happens to me very often. But at least in my opinion, that increase would restrict the contest holders in giving us feedback and directions(not that 10% would be important for them) and would ultimately mean fewer happy clients and more contests with split wins awarded by SH. I’ve seen many useful brief updates that bring needed clarifications and tips, and that is what we really want.


In any type of a service which requires at least two humans involved, there has to be of course room for a discussion, but one thing is a useful update to brief like new thoughts/insights from CH or something left from the original brief but what might be useful at some specific stage of the contest and something entirely different is really writing the brief as the contest is ongoing, if you know what I mean. All I’m saying is that: the more time is spend on the brief before the contest, the better the brief should be. For everybody.:slight_smile:


Hi All,

We definitely understand that information and feedback from the Contest Holder is important to the success of the project.

We have put significant effort into educating Contest Holders on brief writing and collaboration best practices – and we continue to monitor the communication between CHs and Creatives for future platform updates.

@jackieheraty - Currently, we provide best practices to most Contest Holders who are looking for an extension. However, making certain actions mandatory for a Contest Holder is probably not a direction we will pursue at this time.

@Kasinsky - I’m not exactly clear on your specific question or recommendation. However, the topic of registered domains is typically best discussed outside of the forum. Please use the Blue Button to clarify your suggestion with our Customer Service team.

@KacperFilip - Thank you for your feedback. It is important that each Contest Holder is empowered to communicate based on their learnings throughout the contest process. While major brief updates can certainly be frustrating, they can also be essential to the success of a project.

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That’s very disappointing. If they are unhappy, how do you expect us to turn that around with no direction whatsoever?


@grant Any update to any contest which is reasonable and helps us understand better CH’s is always more than welcome because even if somebody won’t win this particular contest, deeper insights into how CH’s rate and - most importantly -think, helps us in the next contests. I think that nobody has any interest when, let’s say a five day contest goes into almost two weeks. Or there are contest which are reopened after a month or two. That’s nothing wrong on the Creative’s side - it’s a lack of knowledge/understanding/clarity on CH’s side. If we spend xx hours per contest sometimes and deliver crazy numbers like 300 new ideas, those mandatory increases would be a sign of respect for our work.

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@jackieheraty - Thanks for the follow-up. We agree that contest feedback is critical to the success of a project. As stated, we strongly encourage Contest Holders who request extensions to increase their contest engagement. We have tools that we share with Contest Holders to help educate them on brief writing, ratings, private messages, and public engagement. While we will continue to encourage the CH to increase their contest engagement, we do not have the technical or administrative ability to force a CH into any engagement activities.

We will keep this feedback in mind as we continue to advance the platform.

@KacperFilip - We understand where you’re coming from. However, it is important to see these situations from both sides. Many contests are extended after a CH has followed contest best practices and still does not have a name that they are ready to move forward with. Asking a CH to pay additional money and increase the award amount when they are unhappy with the outcome so far, is infact the opposite of how we handle these situations. In many cases, we offer complimentary contest consultations in these situations (which is typically a paid service only offered in Managed contests).

Importantly, participating in contest extensions is at the discretion of each Creative.

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