Extending contests over and over

@Grant …Is there a limit to how many extensions a CH can have. There is one $100 contest that has been extended sooo many times that it is now on 23 days of an active contest. Shouldn’t there be a limit?? Or shouldn’t SH intervene?? This seems grossly absurd to me.


Not only you, it is very annoying and frustrating. To me, some of the CH are very confused when it comes to selecting the right name. I barely sleep at night, I am always cracking my head and doing thorns of research only for a CH to reply with “no thank you”,. My dear some of the CH are very confused that’s all.

They may be confused, but at some point SH should intervene. Clarify more, explain more, reach out to get a better understanding, instead of just extending and extending and extending and extending.


Hi @jackieheraty - We typically extend a contest up to two times. If we believe that the CH is still engaged and seriously supporting continual brainstorming, we may extend a contest further.

We also typically will not extend a contest more than one time without a phone consultation with one of our branding experts.

Our intention is always to have a CH pick a Contest Winner, rather than having a contest to go Random Selection; therefore, we give all the resource we can to help a CH find a winning name.

Maybe after 30 days from entry into a contest release names to be entered into another contest so good names aren’t being held hostage. Especially for contests that last a long time and/or are pending winner for a long time.


[quote=“Chasity2ku, post:6, topic:2181”]
It would be even better if we could submit freely until it’s selected as a winner. [/quote]
Chasity, 100% agree - I have several “favorite” names tied up, because they’ve been submitted to projects where the Client hasn’t been active in several days, and in some cases, several weeks. :frowning:


Yeah we should have rights to our IP until it’s been paid for!

Otherwise, SH should consider a separate designation for this. For example, if the CH loves it to the point they are legitimately considering it, and fear losing it to another contest, they should have to physically select an option to make it so it can no longer be used in future contests.

I wonder how many loves and likes are currently tied up out there with the CH full well knowing they’re not going to choose it. The intended use behind the rating system is subjective. Some CHs give out massive amounts of love and likes. It’s not fair they’re allowed to commandeer (lol I’m being a bit dramatic) all that IP.


I, too, completely agree with this and was thinking the same thing TODAY! I have several loves tied up in one single contest right now and it is so frustrating! I just got one released today, too, and I was so glad I remembered that I really wanted to sub it in another contest. Your points on this are right on, Chasity. I will add that it is unfair to other CHs that some CHs take forever to decide and then even abandon contests.

I wonder, in the case of extended contests in particular, if SH’s algorithm can make exceptions.


Here’s an idea…“The winner’s circle”

While top trending shows who has submitted the most favorable entries, it really has no bearing on who is going to actually win.

The winner’s circle could feature the creatives who submitted an entry that is genuinely being considered, therefore restricting those entries from future submission. Sometimes there wouldn’t even be anyone in the winner’s circle because while there’s likes or loves, they’re not “the one”. Also, it could always change. Just like a love can go to a no thank you, then right back to a love etc, one day you could be in the winner’s circle, and the next you’re not. BUT…your entry is only restricted from further use if you’re in the winner’s circle. A CH would only be able freeze up to 3 entries at a time because like top trending, there’s only 3 spots available so they can’t inadvertently monopolize a ton of names, and high ratings can still be given out to encourage creatives without freezing every good idea they’ve submitted.

This could be done behind the scenes where you’re notified privately that you’re entry is being officially considered and can no longer be used, but I really like the idea of knowing not only who is trending, but who is actually in the running!

Would anyone else prefer this or something similar over the current freezing policy??

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I. Love. This. Idea.
In general, it would REALLY make a difference in how we perceive our chances, too and prevent us from wasting time following up on contests that we are not really in the running on as well. LOVE it, I tells ya! #SmartCookie

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I agree! Great idea!


Hi All - We will take this into consideration and consider removing this policy. However, we always encourage Creatives to submit as many unique, custom names based on the specific brief of an individual CH as possible.

It is important to note that Creatives always retain the IP Rights to their names submitted to Squadhelp until a name is selected as a winner of a contest or a bonus is awarded for a name. This is clearly outlined in our Terms of Service.


That would be awesome if it was removed! But…I still think the winner’s circle or something similar would be cool!! I’d love to know if a CH just loves my idea and is encouraging me to submit more, or if my entry is a true contender.


Grant, you stated:

“It is important to note that Creatives always retain the IP Rights to
their names submitted to Squadhelp until a name is selected as a winner
of a contest or a bonus is awarded for a name. This is clearly outlined
in our Terms of Service.”

We do not have access to a list of our names that received a bonus…Is this something that we can get access to?


Why not add a fee each time a contest is extended? It doesn’t have to be a large fee, the fee could be five or 10 dollars.