Explaining Your Name


mine was greek for milliner :wink: didnt want people to think I just stuck letters together lol


Currently, there is a link in the email that you receive when you win a contest which allows you to explain your winning name. We will work on adding this feature into your My Entries page as well.

We highly encourage you to explain your winning names. It’s always fun to learn more about your great ideas! :slight_smile:


Thank You! It would be great!


I look forward to the addition of the feature on My Entries since I don’t get the win emails anymore! Thank you!


Well said Vivegoodkarma-- I mainly explain abstract names as the others are pretty self explanatory. Occasionally with a made up name - it’s just that. Made up with no meaning so then it’s a stretch to come up with something if the CH asks what it means…A few times I have just said that it invokes a feeling of “xyz”. I think it’s important to look at the country and of course whether the CH is male or female- when the industry is neutral . I learned early on that you don’t use the word Rooted for an Australian contest- as it means – well you can guess!


:scream: Oooh dear. I’d better stop using that word then!

According to a CH, Haxe means ‘pork leg’ in German apparently, in case anyone wants to avoid using Hacking words with German CH’s.


a lot dont say where they are from so we have no idea how we should spell some words :wink:


Couldn’t find a way to “explain” my latest winning name, so here goes:

Traversa - This name references the word “Traverse” - which means: to travel to and fro over or along; to go up, down, or across; to pass along or go across something.


Great name @AlwriteyThen


I am relatively new to SquadHelp. I have had some Loves, Likes, etc. so I suppose I am somewhat going in the right direction. If I understand this thread, the statements are about using the comments section that goes with an entry as opposed to the “General Comments” when asking for a clarification for the group as a whole… So my concern is to use this field without breaking the SH rules. Any thoughts or comments on this topic are appreciated.
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