Explaining Your Name


Hello. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or experience with how much to explain about a name that you submit. I am often torn as to how much information to include. Often if a name is very obvious I won’t write anything and other times I explain a bit more or give a short blurb on what inspired the name or the feeling I am trying to evoke. Recently, I think I have offended people by explaining the meaning behind the name. Would love to hear your ideas or experience with this. Happy Naming.


I like explanations of names that aren’t obvious. Some people don’t seem to get that it is to explain “unusual” names and instead tell you what the contest was for. We know what the contest was for…


Sometimes I do and sometimes I just can’t explain why I am submitting a name or what the hell it’s supposed to mean.lol


When I can, I always give explanations so that my colleagues know what is behind the winning name


Im not sure that some people have understood the blue exclamation when winning button, most just repeat what the contest was for, I couldnt actually find where to put it on my winning name not that it needed explanation lol


oops just realized I repeated what Jackie said lol


I agree, sometimes it is hard to know because I’ve had CHs ask me the meaning names that I thought were obvious. I try to explain when I think it is not as obvious but I don’t always hit the mark on that. Sometimes I tell them WHY I was thinking of a particular word because that can be important, too.


Ive noticed that it doesnt always say where the ch is from , would that help with knowing whether to explain entries to some extent


I think we have two conversations going on here.

The OP seems to be asking when to describe their entry to the CH when it is originally submitted. A few people seem to be responding about when to describe their winning entry on the winner’s board.

At least this is the way it reads to me.


I think so too :slight_smile: I was thinking when first submitting the name in a contest.


Oops, I took it as explaining your winning name. Not your entry (I mis-read)—and every CH is different if they want explanations or not. Some say “tell me your reason behind” or they say "If you have to explain it, then I don’t want it if it’s not obvious)


Hi All - We hear from CHs again and again that they appreciate entry explanations. We have also notices, more often than not, winning names have an explanation.


Yes, this has bothered me for awhile but since my recent win I realized they may not be putting those explanations there themselves.

For example, I had submitted a name to instant domains but it was declined. Shortly after I won a contest with it and it automatically put my description for instant domains in, and I didn’t ever see how to remove it. Didn’t look very hard tho. But that could be part of the problem.


Thank you @grant that is really helpful to know :slight_smile:


I explain every name I submit. I haven’t won a contest yet but as soon as I joined SquadHelp I got likes and/or loves on my first few entries and I think that’s part of the reason. I’ve gotten several comments from contest holders saying things like “very true, that’s powerful” or “you’re on the right track, do you have any other ideas?” When they respond to me individually I feel like they’re really paying attention to my entries.

We live in the age of Web 2.0 and Social Media, where everything is about the story. Even if a name is completely made up, there’s a story behind HOW you thought of it, so share that!


i asked about this recently . The blue button people couldnt find how to do it either >I wanted to explain my winning name


The more abstract names I explain the connotation. BUT I feel a strong name if they can understand the meaning without explanation helps. But I try to find a CONNECTION with ABSTRACT names by providing an element that can be fused into a logo from my name and something that is clear enough to understand. And many of the contests that are based from overseas I try to explain as there may be slight language barriers and things that may be culturally different and want to submit the right quality choices for the CH. I try to think inside the brief and out of the brief and look at as many aspects that the CH put into the brief as possible.


@CreativeJohnny I believe that when you get the e-mail saying that you won a contest there is a link in that e-mail where you can explain your winning name that will then appear on the winner page. I just remember seeing that last time I won (oh so long ago :wink: )


oh ! I dont read those I just delete them as I already know I won lol


I think we need to ask support to provide instant access to the button - link where we can explain winning name at our profiles