Expert Reviewer Question

On my quest to grow my SH portfolio size. I would like to understand the Expert Reviewer process a little better.

Every domain I submit seems to appear to go through the expert domain review. But then all of a sudden a few will not show under review any more and shows Not Approved “Reviewed by SH Internal Team” however, prior to it being rejected it may have shown 13 or more reviewers. But is missing the red bar showing the reviewer scores.

Other domains that get rejected will have a red bar showing a reviewer score. It may be 0, 1, 2, 3…

So my question is basically why does SH take over the review process, when they gave it to expert reviewers to handle. Even if they rejected it shouldn’t it still show the number of reviewers the gave it positive ratings. My reason to ask is because if it had this information then some may be searchable in Basic Plus Listings and I would put them there.


I agree. For several weeks I submit domains that satisfy all the requirements (especially those published by our colleague Able, but not one of my domains has been accepted as a premium). This does not happen. It seems to me that other experts are guided by completely different principles than Able. I have a convincing request to SH team to increase the number of experts in order to get a quorum for approving domains. It comes to the point of absurdity, sometimes almost vocabulary words are rejected. I want the approval process to be transparent. And finally, fix the domain reselling process! After 60 days, it is impossible to resubmit the domain again - expert estimates are not reset! I really like Squadhelp! I want to sell domains here, and not on the side. Every domain sold there is a lost SH team profit. Think about it!


I have yet to do a good job figuring out what SH wants with regards to how they approve names. The other main online brand market place I have an average around 35% approval rating for my submissions. The majority of the time it looks like expert reviewers are reviewing them then the process stops and then shows viewed by internal team and rejected. It doesn’t even show the review score once this happens. Not sure why. But several of my SH rejects are now listed on the other marketplace.

This is sort of opposite the way it used to work for me. If they did not make it on other market place I would try to get them approved on SH.