Expert Review Votes are slower than before! What's the solution?

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I hope all is well,

Lately, I noticed that Expert Review votes are slower than before and it could take days for a domain submission to get 15 votes, And therefore, It will slow the review process for seller owned domains which will result in having a higher volume of submissions than normal backlog and so on and so on…

I think this is affected based on some factors such as releasing the new feature of Expert Domain Classifiers, Which is potentially leading some creatives to lose their interest in the Expert Review Selection because it’s less rewarding as there’s not much do with SH Points but you can instead earn some real cash being a domain classifier.

What i suggest to sort this out :

1- Limit the number of votes for each submission to 10 votes, This should be more than enough to assess if the domain is a good fit or not.

2- If the number of required votes is lowered, You may top the reward for each domain sale to $10 for each Expert Reviewer, And this is to gain more interest in this feature.

3- Explore better options for people to get interested in spending time with this feature, Such as offering 1 coin per each approved name rather than 100 points. And i’m very certain if this last goes to effect you will gain much more interest in this feature.

Guys seriously, The review process is getting worse and it’s the time to revise all of this, Even for un-registered submissions which i also shared and still sharing lots of feedback regarding it with SH.

Share any ideas in the comments, Let’s move this to the better!

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Have you considered the cause of the delay may not be due to the expert reviewers, but because the names that receive a few votes are now being reviewed internally by Squadhelp staff? I would think that with the introduction of the white label marketplace Squadhelp staff is extremely busy, and that might be where the hold up is occurring.


I think SH internal team has the last word for the domains but this has nothing to do with slowing the voting process. How would that be?

Reviewers can only vote on names if the names are being uploaded for them to view. I don’t think that happens as quickly as we might think. Consider how the “curated discovery polls” feature works. One day there are tons of polls available, the next practically none. It’s not a constant stream.

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I had to pause for a while. Back on track so hopefully will quicken up.

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This is just an idea, i read that expert reviewer will get 100 points when the names which they vote got accepted at marketplace, and also $5 for each reviewer in case domain which they vote sold.

Then what about give them few extra like fraction of coin, so $0.3 for each name which they voted, in case names accepted at marketplace? Maybe can motivate them more. I mean people submit with money, then fair enough for the reviewer to get few of it. :thinking: