“Exclude this customer from the list of contests for my participation in the future”

I think it’s a pity that the authors do not have the option to “exclude this customer from the list of contests for my participation in the future”. I have several reasons why I consider it necessary for myself. For example, after the first competition, I come to the conclusion that the customer and I look in completely different directions, and it will be logical and fair if I do not annoy him with my participation in his next competitions - and also spend my time on a futile lesson, which, In addition, it can have an extremely negative effect on my ranking. There are a few more reasons that I just don’t want to make public. Thanks for attention.


I agree!
Also it would be very nice to know when we get blocked from a contest, so that we may consider if we wish to participate in further contests by that same CH.


I repeated this many times - creatives must have a way to rate and leave comments about CH that would not be public. And it should be limited to Tier A veteran creatives (I am not Tier A) so we don’t get too much irrelevant info. I always check if CH had previous contests and if there are some canceled or unawarded I consider it a waste of time and skip it .

Also, we are required to submit plenty of personal info so we don’t misuse our accounts, same should be required from CHs, for obvious reasons I won’t mention here.


I have a method for this but it is not that great because it still requires time spent by me. I use tags on contests to show that I should not participate in the future. It does still take at least a LITTLE less time, the next time they arrive. Before tagging, I kept a list of them. (Back then, it was a short list, now it isn’t). But that wouldn’t exclude them from showing up in contests and your idea is better. I have also brought up the point of repeat abandoners in the forum before. Every time I see this I feel so sorry for all of the creatives who spent precious time on these. I also agree that the CHs should have to provide more info on who they are.


Totally agree. I’ve started a tag of CH’s that are kind of on my own personal “black list”.
We indeed should be able to rate and they should put all their info. when they register. I for instance pick out the contests with LinkedIn profile etc first.


I totally agree. I have always appreciated it when a creative leaves a comment in the Contest messages (politely) mentioning to the CH that due to their prior serial contest abandonment they would likely not be participating. One recent CH had 10 (!) abandoned contests under their belt…


Wow. You read my mind. I was actually going to post the same thing today. I have started my own private little blacklist for CHs that I will not serve again. It is time-consuming though and it would be great if Creatives could block CHs just as Creatives can be blocked. Thank you for raising Kasinsky :slight_smile:


This is great, friends! But our main task is to create. I don’t want to waste time separating good customers from bad ones. This task should be solved by the SH team. I believe that if the CH twice refused to choose a winner, the team should not allow him to open a new contest.


@Edukar The problem with that is, they will just sign up again under a different name. A workmate, a husband/wife.

If we don’t tell them that they can be blacklisted and we all just quietly and privately block anyone we don’t want to work with in the future it solves our problem better, and we don’t potentially offend any clients.


You answered your own question. If you blacklisted a CH, and then he organized a contest under a different name, your actions will not solve the problem. It is like the eternal questions of being. However, I am not against such a function in my SH interface.But I personally think that the SH team should warn the CH about the honest choice of the winner.

Sorry, @Edukar I don’t think I was clear.

If the SH do not allow him to open a new contest, then he will just sign up again as someone else. The problem won’t be solved.

If SH do not tell him anything and we are all quietly allowed to block any CH we don’t want to work with in the future, he is none the wiser. Those of us that don’t want to work with him won’t see his future contests.


I see. This is logical. Really good idea. You are absolutely right.


That works for experienced members of SH, but doesn’t work for newcomers. One solution would be requesting more info from CH, best would be detailed info, but there’s no way SH will ask for that, so at least linkedin or something similar should be required. Plus option for Tier A creatives to rate CH.


It seems that SH is at a point where most people around the world that are in the naming business know about it an participate contests. There is a good bunch of creatives here, and it is definitely top naming platform in the world. It’s time to start going for quality over quantity regarding CHs. Or best creatives are going to give up eventually.


I would like that option as well.

I would also like to know what budget the customer has before I submit premium names and get negative points for submitting great names.


YepYepYep must have! Also add Whitelist/Favourite CHs function so that their contests will be at the front/top areas!