Excessive slashes

I’ve noticed, that lately there are multiple slash characters in briefs - they are around hyphens, apostrophes etc, for example “match” becomes


Can it be fixed?
(php stripslashes perhaps?)


I had reported this to support a few days ago. Maybe the tech team hasn’t got around to fixing this?

For some reason, your subject line made me laugh out loud. Excessive Slashes sounds like a band name. LOL. But I was wondering the same thing so thanks for bringing it up! It makes the briefs very hard to read.

Sure, “excessively slashes in briefs” is comedy gold.

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Just wondering what the status is on this subject,or can it be fixed?

@SquadhelpGrant Wanted to tag you on this in case you missed it.

@GraphGraph Thank you for this comment. @Commulinks Thanks for tagging me.

We are working on it now. Should be fixed shortly, but please keep us posted if it persists.

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