Entry title not showing up

My entry title (company name/URL) is not showing up between the quotation marks when a rating is received on the Activity Feed. For instance it reads Not a good fit: “” in contest. On a good note, the orange sad face is much better than the red one.

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Yeah…I have an entry rated with the reject face in my activity feed…but it doesn’t show up on my entry page.What gives?

@hollygirl Look right below tabs “Contest brief” “Entries” etc. Now there are options what entries do you want to see.

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This is when I click on the red bell, there is an Activity Feed. All of my ratings show the name/URL that I submitted except for the last two. There is nothing between the “” marks. Maybe it’s just a glitch on that contest. Thanks so much for your comments.

yes there are the occasional glitches, you can check on the actual contest for which entries they are though

Yeah, sometimes I get that glitch (?) too.

We have fixed this issue now. For any activity that is added from this point on, you should see the entry title in the feed.