Entries showing as Registered - They're Not

Hi All, Just in case anyone is having the same problem. I checked MyEntries for the last 30 days this morning and saw that 12 were showing as registered, like thats possible :thinking::thinking::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: obviously i checked and then blue buttoned it but i thought id point it out :grinning: Its frustrating in that how do i know if different entries of mine are showing as registered to Contest Holders? Yesterday i had an entry shortlisted and the CH come back to me and say its taken, when actually no it is not. It didnt show in my entries as one of the ones registered, but apparently did to them? Anyways, thought id mention it incase anyone else was having a bit of a panic :grin: Have a good one x


Yes - I had the same this week - majority of red and marked as registered. I BB’d it to the team and the glitch was resolved quickly. Odd that there were so many this week.

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The problem was resolved for a while :grinning: then they all turned up red again with a few extra on the list to boot!! BlueButton peeps were lovely and helpful but it seems to be something tech need to sort out, problem with WhoIs something something i dont understand, but heyho :grin: i did suggest that perhaps if it was a widespread problem they could let Contest Holders know there is a bit of a glitch at the mo. It would be a shame to think names they actually like they were overlooking under the mistaken belief they had been registered!

Anyways, good luck to all x