Entries in public messages

I think this has to be addressed urgently, it is getting out of control. Out of 20 contests I opened today almost half had entries in public messages, all posted by newcomers. Some new creatives obviously don’t read guidelines for some reason. I am not sure what the best way to solve this is, maybe popup when posting public message? @grant is there anything that can be done?


Also random stuff like “hello” and nothing else. It worries me because too much of that and CHs will start ignoring the message boards.


I haven’t seen them because I don’t participate in many contests. But the answer to this is to Blue Button immediately upon seeing them. The SH team acts on these immediately and the creative involved is contacted immediately as well. @hollygirl just posted a similar thing and someone else did in the last few days. We all need to report these to make it stop. SH does not monitor every public message.

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Thanks for sharing this feedback. We’ve been seeing unusually high number of signups recently, and we are updating few aspects of our platforms to provide a better on-boarding process for new creatives.

As of this evening, we have added some additional restrictions on posting comments - and new creatives will no longer will be able to post public comments until they have participated in a minimum number of contests.


Thank you, @grant. It’s great to see SH team is diligent as always.