Entering a contest Early

I try to enter contests early on because I find my names are rated more and there is often more feedback. Recently though I have found it frustrating as one CH took some well thought out words (not the entire name) and added these words to the brief. Then downgraded my entry to a “no thank you” from a “like”. The latest… I worked with the brief for two days and had two “Love IT” and four “Like It” and now the contest has taken a completely new direction which I believe would make my entries invalid. That was a lot of work :frowning:

Unfortunately that happens all the time,dearie.


Dearie :kissing_heart: that is so sweet Hollygirl no one has called me that since I was young…hahaha… yes the pros and cons of entering a contest early


I feel ya. I do the same thing for the same reasons and have had the same experience. The price we pay…?

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